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Maracha was carved from Maracha-Terego district that existed for about three financial years from 2006 with unclear Administrative Headquarters. In 2010/11 financial year, the Maracha-Terego District was collapsed and Maracha district was created with Terego county seceding to Arua District. Therefore, since 2010 Maracha District has existed as a fully-fledged Local Government with its commercial and administrative Headquarters in Maracha Town Council.

Geographical Location

Maracha District is found in the North Western region lying between Arua and Koboko Districts. Its District headquarters and Commercial Town is in Maracha Town Council 34Km North of Arua Town along the main road to South Sudan. Maracha District is bordered by Koboko District to the North, Yumbe District to the North East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and by Arua District to the South and South East. Maracha comprises two counties, seven rural sub counties and one town council, 42 parishes and 411 villages as per 2014 statistics.


The District comprises mainly of rolling plains rising from the Uganda – Congo boarder with all rivers and streams flowing eastwards towards the River Nile. The general topography of Maracha District is flat land with limited hills and forest cover. The topography is hilly towards the North Eastern part of the District in Tara and Yivu Sub Counties.

Land mass

The District has an approximate total area of 445.18 Square Kilometers according to service map produced by CUAM in 2006 and UBOS census results released in November 2014 about 2.09% (0.92 of the total land is occupied by forests, water bodies and hills, leaving a total of 435.87 square kilometers as the available habitable and arable land. 0.02 sq. Km of the total land is occupied by water bodies and wetlands.


According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics figures the district had a total population of 186,134 in 2014 with a projected population of 199,400 in 2018 of which 52.8% are female.

Religious Composition

According to the 2002 national population census, the majority of the population in Maracha District were Catholics amounting to 72% followed by Anglicans 24%, Moslems 3% , Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventist and other religions constitute 1% Percent.


Majority of the people in Maracha are Lugbara speaking. There are also other Kakwa ethinic people who reside in the district; mainly from the neighbouring Koboko district. The Maracha people also have a close relationship with the people of Terego following their history from Mt Wati and the relationship between Ofunaru and Banyale, the founding ancestors according to legend.

Economic Activities

The main economic activity in the district is agriculture but this is done on a small scale level. Other key activities are trade and commerce. The main cash crop grown for the past decades has been tobacco but in the last few years tobacco has been gradually abandoned in favour of food production. Among the main crops grown are cassava, beans, sweat potatoes and maize. Livestock farming, fishing and bee keeping are also widely practised. Other economic activities include trading in commercial merchandise, trade in produce, fish mongering, brick laying, timber exploitation, charcoal burning and brewing of local spirits.

Landmarks/Historical site

Maracha District is endowed with abundant natural resources and cultural heritage sites that include: beautiful sceneries, a number of cultural and historical sites such as the Alikua pyramid, Miriadua falls, Rembe foot mark, Atoro massacre site, Ojukodri tyre mark, Olewa falls, Lokiragodo massacre site, and many other historic sites.

Current District Leadership

  • Mr Lawrence Adiga – Chairperson
  • Mr Martin Kisuule – Chief Administrative Officer
  • Emmanuel Wani – Speaker
  • Alex Agadribo – Chairman Maracha Town Council

Notable People

  • Mr James Acidri – Member of Parliament Maracha East
  • Mr Denis Lee Oguzu – Member of Parliament Maracha County
  • Ms Rose Ayaka Atima – Woman Member of Parliament Maracha district
  • Mr Obitre Gama – Former diplomat and Chairman Amnesty Commission West Nile
  • Mr Godfrey Mundua – Banking Executive
  • Mr Alex Onzima – Politician, Uganda Government Minister
  • Mr Saverino Embatia – Businessman
  • Dr. Stephen Andi – UK based dental doctor
  • Late Dr Yoramu Jomabuti Ajeani – Politician, Diplomat and Academician
  • Late Col Gad Wilson Toko – Former Vice President and Peacemaker
  • Mr Tom Buruku – Lawyer, former president of Uganda Red Cross
  • The late Rt Rev Dr. Lee Drati – Former Bishop Madi and West Nile diocese
  • Mr- Tivu Mark – Educationist, politician and civic administrator
  • Mr John Ondoma – Educationist and civic leader
  • Patience Lilly Alidri – International Development Expert; Policy Specialist at United Nations

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