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Zombo district was carved out of Nebbi in 2010. Originally, the district was known as Okoro County, when it was still under its mother district of Nebbi. It is also known as the food basket of West Nile region due to its fertile soils. The district is also endowed with beautiful landscapes and hosts the burial grounds of the Alur Cultural institution at Atiak Sub County.

Geographical Location

Zombo district is found in the West Nile region of Uganda located in the North western part of the country. It is 70 km (43 miles) south of Arua Town, the regional capital and 382 km (237 miles) North-West of Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda. The District is bordered by Arua District to the North, Nebbi District, to the East and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the South and West. It lies at 020 30N, 300 54E; 2.5000N 30.9000E.


The topography of Zombo is generally hilly steep U shaped and V shaped valleys. This is visible in all the Sub counties. The highest peak is on Agu Hill in Abanga Sub County. The hills are characterized by undulating ranges sweeping across the Sub counties of Paidha, Abanga, Jangokoro, Zeu, Kango and recedes towards, and into, Arua District. A similar pattern is exhibited in Nyapea Sub County running almost parallel cutting through Nebbi and Arua.

Economic activities

The main economic activity in the district is agriculture though most of it is still done on subsistence level as majority of the farmers lack the capacity to venture into extensive farming. Another commonly practiced activity is Apiary also done on small scale. There has been considerable attempt by district leaders to woe investors into the district to add value to the honey harvested. The district also grows a lot of Coffee though the Alur Kingdom is introducing tea growing in the area.


According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics figures the district had a total population of 240,081 in 2014 with a projected population of 266,200 in 2018 of which 51.8% are female

Land Mass

The district sits on a total land size of 939.3 km2. This land area in square kilometers is distributed as follows; Kango 148.1, Jangokoro 124.7, Nyapea 80.4, Paidha 124.6, Zeu 158.3, Atyak 152.2, Paidha Town Council 16.6, Abanga 41.2, Zombo Town Council 41.6 and Warr 51.6. Of this land, 91% is arable land, 5% is swamps and running water and a further 4% comprises forests and forest reserves

Religious Composition

The majority of the population of Zombo District is Catholic amounting to about 80 percent followed by Protestants who account for about 15percent. There are also Muslims who form a considerable percentage, less than 5 percent. Other religious sects like the, Traditionalists, Seventh Day Adventists and Pentecostals among others also do exist in the district.


The District is characterized by considerable cultural diversity, reflecting the tribal groups that make it up. The Alur comprise the largest tribal group in Zombo (accounting for over 90% of the population). The district comprises other tribal groups as well, namely, Lendu, Ukebu and Lugbara.

Land Marks/Historical sites

Ker Alur at Atiak Sub County, the ancestral Kings’ palace and burial grounds for the kings and royal family.
Nyagak power dam
Ngbu-ngbu Falls
Nyagak Hydro power dam

Current District Leadership

  • Mr John Birombo – District Chairman
  • Mr Musa Ismail Onzu – Chief Administrative Officer
  • Mr Oribi Kizito Mungujakisa – Speaker

Notable People

  • Ms Grace Freedom Kwiyocwiny – Woman Member of Parliament and Uganda government minister
  • Mr Simon D’ujanga – Member of Parliament Okoro County and Ugandan government minister
  • Mr Lawrence Songa – Member of Parliament Ora County
  • Rt Rev Remiliah Ukwendru Ringtho – Retired Bishop of Madi and West Nile Diocese
  • Brig Dick Olum – Military Attaché, Uganda’s Mission in Kinshasa
  • Ms Eildad Odongkara – Ugandan Tourism ambassador and former Miss Tourism Uganda
  • Rt Rev Santos Lino Wanok – Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Nebbi Catholic Diocese
  • Late Col Peter Karim – Career military officer, National Resistance Army (NRA) historical
  • The late Stanley Omwonya – former Member of Parliament

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