LIFESTYLE. He has already made a big name in the comedy industry so much so that for comedy fans in the West Nile region, it would not seem like only a year since the introduction of the then little known “Mayor of Kirabu”.

But sure as the sun rises from the East is fact of Sundiata Platinum’s introduction onto the local comedy scene in the region.

He has not only built a name big enough to share the stage with some of the most followed comedians in the country but has organized a mega launch dubbed the homecoming to consolidate his milestones over his maiden year.

The event slated for the 27th December 2019 at Arua’s Heritage Courts hotel seeks to officially launch the Sundiata brand to the local audience.
Sundiata now boasts of participating in popular shows in Gulu and a number of other places in Kampala in his short eventful comedy life.

T-shirts, caps, hooded Jumpers with the Sundiata, the Mayor of Kirabu designs are a common scene in Arua town streets, and the brand is growing!

Who is Sundiata Platinums?

A graduate of bachelor of Logistics and procurement from Makerere University business school (MUBS), 24-year old Sundiata known officially as Mansur Ismael was born in Arua town.

Kirabu, his place of birth and from where he named himself the ‘mayor of Kirabu’ is one of Arua town’s most populated areas often associated with habits of slum dwelling.

He would after his ordinary level at St. Joseph’s Ombaci move to Kampala until graduating with his bachelor’s degree from MUBS.

“We learned about the great West African king Sundiata Keita with whose story I identified so much and that’s how I acquired the name Sundiata, but Kirabu is where I come from so it reflects identity and origin” Mr. Mansur explained when asked what his name and the title of Mayor means.

A genuinely funny personality Sundiata has attributed his steady rise to stardom to hard work and following his natural God-given talents.

“I am a graduate, but I have had to leave the University degree aside and put a sacrifice to follow my passion because comedy is something I love so much and I also like to challenge myself always. So I take time to invest in my development and sure the support has been massive in the one year” he explains when further tasked to explain why he chose comedy over employment in his professional qualification.

His eight years of mainly staying in Kampala has exposed him to numerous personalities and cultures, his good education background although not in performing arts has enabled him to combine many factors to his advantage in a competitive but fast-growing industry in Uganda.

Next dreams

“We would like to protect this brand so that it continually grows, yes we know that brands have come and gone in the past but we are laying strategies to ensure that this brand is sustained for a long period” Mr Jamal Ahmed, the manager of the Sundiata brand explained.

He declined to explain the details of the said protection assuring that all relevant communication will be made at the right time.

The Mayor of Kirabu has promised a new breed of comedians that he hopes to train and mentor to compete favourably with the rest of the world.
The mere list of some of the expected performers on his homecoming show is suggestive of this premise.

Ceasor Oyo, Dr. Hillary Okello, and Uncle Mark are some of the promising but yet to underpin their mark on the main comedy scene in the country.

Sundiata expects to start weekly shows in Arua in the near future to give a platform for the upcoming talent in the region as well as using his fame to fight crime and drug abuse in the slums.

Expected challenges

Skeptics will want proof of what is different in the appeal of the mayor of Kirabu considering that many popular groups, individuals etc have come and gone without making a significant lasting impact.

The brand despite already having the popular Bamboo village and Oasis 24/7 brands throwing their weight behind the 27th December event will be tested against their ability to get enough sponsors behind them.

Ahmed and Sundiata 28 10 19L-R Mr Jamal Ahmed, Sundiata and Mr Dadru Toko during the media briefing.

However, after the breakthrough in his maiden year, Sundiata, the mayor of Kirabu looks destined for higher heights in the foreseeable future if his team indeed challenge themselves enough.

That is only for time to tell but what is exciting is the prospect of the 27th of December comedy show because the Mayor of Kirabu is coming home.