Hailing from what the community considered a well-off family didn’t deter Emma Oroma from pursuing her long term goal of fending for herself.

Oroma’s shadowy dreams started when she would sell a few assorted items to get her scholastic materials although many would wonder why as a child who had the rare privilege of sitting back and getting all she needed at this time, she chose to go ‘dirty’.

Her journey through Angal girl’s primary school, Tororo girls for secondary and later Makerere University for her diploma in purchase supply and management, and another diploma in stores management would only strengthen her earlier resolve to be independent.

“I Started being self-reliant at an early age despite the fact that my parents were wealthy but I found it necessary to do business coupled with the fact that the family had a business background”, Oroma narrates.

Getting involved in body draining activities like digging and brewing the local liquor ‘Enguli’ was not to be without hitches, most people complained that her early involvement in such activities amounted to child labour.

After her diploma, Oroma wasn’t to be in the list of those searching for jobs after school, she swiftly opened a book shop which was among the first in Nebbi taking advantage to supply schools with stationery.

This career change came in although in her childhood, she had dreamt of joining the armed forces but would be discouraged after being tipped on the rigorous training one has to go through before becoming a soldier.

The single mother of two would later abandon the stationery shop to invest in a super market after loads of other people took to the bookshop venture.

She would as well ultimately join a vocational school to get a new challenge in poultry and piggery keeping putting an end to the super market.

Although profitable, she is quick to assert that the piggery project is rather tedious and demands a lot of commitment, a reason why many people see it as a very difficult venture to invest in.

Ms Oroma 1Ms Oroma feeds her pigs

Oroma says she has equally tried to employ other people to work for her piggery project but most have ended up leaving the job even before finishing a month.

She has now additionally ventured into wine and honey production doing all her works at the comfort of her home this in a bid to avoid the usually expensive rent but also to utilise the space at home.

To embrace diversity and feed into different social classes of people, Oroma has put a price range from UGX 15,000 to 350,000 while the honey is from 5000-125,000 and a pair of piglets at 300,000.

Oroma says the markets are readily available for all her products.

She admits that presiding over a successful business is difficult regarding the numerous challenges which can only be overcome through hard work and determination.

The ‘born a winner’ mentality, and the persistence even in the face of utmost difficulty makes Oroma continuously pursue her dream of wanting to become a big producer of different commodities and a commercial farmer.

Her next plan is to register her business with Uganda national bureau of standards (UNBS) and also build a big underground water harvest tank on the compound which will not only help her but the community around.

Ms Oroma 2Ms Oroma loves her pigs and spends more time with them.

Oroma additionally wants to train and later collectively venture into Jelly making with the women of her community because it’s something she can’t do all alone.

Her hard work over the years has seen her acquire an expansive 200 hectares of land on which she has planted trees while other parts are used for other farming activities. She strongly appeals to the women folk to follow her lead and invest in land.

Oroma’s childhood love for drivers and motorists would eventually make her one of the first female riders in her town before further buying a car to ease her work.

She idolises the former resident district commissioner of Maracha Ms Mary Akwiya who she praises for her passion for education and humility despite her high social class.

She says with determination and hard work, every woman can achieve their dreams but stresses that the important thing is to set a goal in life and work towards achieving it.

From a young girl helping her brothers in the shop during holidays, Oroma has no regrets over her career decisions and a choice to get involved at an early stage.

To the girl child, Oroma says marriage should never come first before education, employment or acquisition of land that appreciates with time.

She says one can never be poor if they have land because it can be used for different purposes just like what she has done.