ZOMBO. Having failed to make it to the Parliament, the Zombo district Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party chairman has resorted to farming yams to make ends meet.

Mr Benson Oyulu known for his vocal ability contested for the Okoro County parliamentary seat in 2011 against the incumbent Hon. Simone D'Ujanga the state minister for energy but he lost.

"I have abandoned anything political to earn something for my family and also support future party activities,” he said.

Mr Oyulu owns about two and-a-half hectares of yams in one of the swamps in Jupakonja village, Nyapea Sub County.

Mr Oyulu who bragged that he does not depend on his political party for survival said he transports his yams to Kampala for sale and earns sh600,000 from every two sacks of yams sold.

Beson Oyulu's Yam FarmYam tubers from Benson Oyulu's farm

"My farm is first and then my family. These yams take only one year to mature for harvest to begin," Mr Oyulu said.

He urged other opposition activists to emulate him saying earnings from farming could also be one source of income to support the party.

The FDC party only gives money for clearing nomination fees for candidates but other things like printing portraits and flyers are left to the individual candidate.

FDC, Uganda’s biggest opposition political party has recently been mired by internal bickering following the bitterly contested election for the party presidency between Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and the eventual winner Mr Patrick Amuriat

But Mr Oyulu said those divisions are already behind the party and that members were already strategizing on how to galvanise grassroots support to win future elections.

"We are looking forward to mobilizing the youth to get interested in leadership and the affairs of the country. Misunderstandings that come as a result of internal democratic dispensation cannot stop us from working for a stronger political party,” he said.