ADJUMANI. The chief of Palaro clan His Royal Highness Zachary Baker has offered 1, 000 acres of land to Adjumani district local government for the development of an industrial park.

In the presence of the clan members and the council of elders of Palaro clan, Baker signed the land pact with Adjumani district officials following the plan by the government to develop industrial parks across the country to spur development.

The council 18 09 19The council of elders of the Palaro clan witnessing the signing of the land agreement.

Speaking during the meeting at his Palace on Tuesday, Chief Baker confirmed that after thorough consultation with his council of elders and his ministers, the clan has agreed to offer 1, 000 acres of land of which 500 acres will be used for putting industries while the remaining 500 for opening up farms.

He also reported that they have earmarked another piece of land specifically for growing cocoa.

Baker appealed to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to send for them a private investor to spearhead the cocoa-growing project.

“It is true that the proposed land is very far away from here and for it to be used very well, there is need to do more on top of what the district has promised to do like extending electricity, water, open roads, build schools and health centres in the area,” Baker said.

The Adjumani district chief administrative officer (CAO) Mr Gabriel Bwayo Rogers commended Baker for the offer and said it was in line with the President’s pledge to open up industrial parks across the country.

Bwayo added that as a district, their idea is to have an industrial park that is agro-based so as to have a strong inter-linkage with the community.

“The reason why we are here is to establish the location, size of the land while other things will follow later. I want us to agree that this industrial park will be for the whole of Madi sub-region that comprises of Moyo, Adjumani and Obongi districts,” the CAO stated.

The Adjumani district vice-chairman Mr John Anyanzo said he is very happy that the district will be among the first 56 districts to benefit from the government’s development plan for an industrial park.

He equally expressed joy to the Palaro clan for their generous heart of offering the piece of land for that purpose.

Mr Anthony Loum, a clan member assured the district officials that nobody will influence them to change their plan.

“Whoever is going to resist the project and become opposed to it will not only be an enemy to the Palaro clan alone but also an enemy to Adjumani district local government, the Madi sub-region and the whole country,” Mr Loum added.