ADJUMANI. Patients in Adjumani general referral hospital are crying foul over the persistent drug stock outs saying their lives are at risk.

Testimonies from patients, care givers and health workers point to a deploring situation that some say is only fair for those patients that have money but majority patients at the facility are peasants who come without money and from far.

Mr Gabriel Odubo, 74, a resident of Lajopi cesia village in Adjumani town who has been ailing in the hospital for two weeks, laments that throughout the period he was in the ward, he has been buying drugs from private pharmacies.

“The nurses in the wards fear to touch us because the hospital has run out of gloves, those who can afford to secure gloves in time can attract the immediate attention of the health workers and those who cannot pay for gloves are left to suffer their own fate”. Odubo noted.

Mr Ali Gumbiri, a parent who is nursing his anaemic son in the general ward said he has been in the hospital for more than a week but the only drug he was given was piriton.

A visibly worried Gumbiri attested that he has spent close to eighty thousand shillings for buying drugs and more than six pairs of gloves.

The Adjumani district health officer (DHO) Dr George Bhoka said the situation is deplorable but was quick to assert that the district was doing everything possible to normalise the situation.

Dr George BhokaDr George Bhoka, the DHO Adjumani district addressing journalist at his office recently.

Dr Bhoka said he had already written to the United Nations refugee agency sub office in Pakele to lobby for drugs as they await the response from National medical stores (NMS)

According to the current schedule of NMS, Adjumani district is supposed to receive medical supplies every after two months.

However according to reliable information, it is now close to three months since the hospital received the last consignment of medical supplies.

The drug per capita of Adjumani district in the current financial year is shs1500, meaning every person in Adjumani has been allocated shs1,500 for drugs which according to world health standards is below standard.