ADJUMANI. The local leaders in Adjumani are advocating for change in policy on how to benefit from the various government programs in Uganda.

They cited programs like the Northern Uganda social action fund (NUSAF), Uganda women entrepreneurship (UWE) and the youth livelihood program (YLP) among others which they say are not benefiting youths due to limiting policies.

Speaking during the celebration of the belated international youth day at Paridi stadium over the weekend, Mr Kilo Atoba, the local council one (LCI) chairperson of Paridi village in Adjumani town council said many youths have found it difficult to benefit from the different government programs in the district because of the policy that requires them to first be in groups.

“The policy requires that youths are to be in groups to benefit from government programs but can’t they benefit as individuals?” Atoba asked.

He cited the youths who went to South Sudan as individuals and came back to do tangible things own their own at home.

“These are the complaints the youths have been raising to me in the village. This issue of first forming groups is making youths to run away from these projects. Let’s also consider promoting individuals who have an interest in developing,” Mr Kilo pleaded.

But Mr Godfrey Dima Obol, the district youth chairperson Adjumani noted that the youth venture funds that even support individuals have not been used by youths.

He instead said the influx of gambling centers in towns and at sub-county levels is deviating the interest of the youths from participating in government programs at the expense of getting quick riches through betting.

Mr Dima, however, challenged the youths to show how they have contributed to the theme of this year’s world youth day celebration which is ‘transforming education for social-economic transformation.’

He suggested that the next year’s youth day celebration should be used to exhibit talents of the youth contrary to merely celebrating the day.

The Adjumani town council chairperson, Mr Patrick Tandrupasi tasked the youths to examine themselves on what kind of education they are attaining in relation to the theme of the celebration.

“Don’t rely on government programs alone. Do things for yourselves through the various skills training that you have obtained,” Tandrupasi advised.

While presiding over the function, Mr Peter Taban Dada, the Adjumani resident district commissioner promised that the government is committed to transforming the youths in the whole country so that they can be able to stand on their own.

He called upon leaders to consider including the youths in decision making both at the local and national level.

Dada also encouraged individual youths to apply for the youth venture fund which he said is currently idle in the district.