ADJUMANI. A team of officials from the ministry of water and environment under the directorate of water resources management for the upper Nile water management zone have teamed up with Adjumani district authority to address water-related challenges in the district.

The ministry officials were in Adjumani on Thursday to mainstream the Albert Nile catchment management plan into the district development plan of Adjumani.

During the visit, Mr Richard Musota, the team leader upper Nile water management zone explained that the implementation of the integrated water resource management in Uganda by the ministry of water and environment through the directorate of water resource management is meant to provide assistance towards the management of water resources to the local catchment level with the participation of all stakeholders.

GIZ with support from the European Union under the project “Enhancing climate resilience through increased water for production capacities” is supporting the program which is implemented as a pilot project in the Albert Nile catchment area and Adjumani district in particular.

Mr Marty Ferklin, the development advisor of the upper Nile water management zone emphasized that the project is aimed at promoting water efficiency practice especially water conservation, reuse, recycling, promote irrigation and water for production as well as ensuring appropriate environmental flows in water bodies.

He further stated that the district leaders should support the program which will promote integrated land water management and enforce river banks protection and increase preparedness to serve conditions like floods and droughts.

The Adjumani district speaker Mr Dominic Idro remarked that the district has got a lot of water challenges that have not been addressed.

He appreciated the ministry of water and environment for considering Adjumani as a pilot district to address the challenges.

“Water challenges have often been talked about, but little was done to ensure water is universally got for the population, now this master plan and program by the ministry to mainstream their plans to the district development plan will help close some of the gaps” the speaker lamented.

The speaker also told the officials from the ministry that, the district is hosting many refugees and once the plans are worked and funds are realised to implement the plans, it will help to address the plight of the world.