ADJUMANI. The national resistance movement (NRM) party chairman for Adjumani district has apologized to a Kampala based law firm after he was threatened with court action.

Mr Francis Akule, apologized to Okurut and Magara associated advocates over remarks he made during the Tarehe Sita celebrations in Addjumani town.

In a letter dated February 13, 2020 and addressed to Okurut and Magara Associated Advocates, Mr Akule wrote “I am very sorry for the statements I made during NRM and Tarehe Sita celebrations of 2020, am sorry if it has hurt you.”

“I therefore, once again respectfully submit my candid apology for considerations so that our smooth working relationship is once again fully cemented,” remorseful Akule added.

In their letter of intention to sue, Counsel Robert Magara of Okurut and Magara Associated Advocates on February 10, 2020 noted that the false claims had caused utter damage to their law firm.

“We were utterly shocked to learn with dismay that on February 5, 2020, during the celebrations of Tarehe Sita in Adjumani district at Paridi stadium, in your speech to the gathering, you made false statements claiming that we collected shs20,000 from war claimants for the claim forms and this action was intended to extort money deceitfully from them,” the letter reads in part.

Mr Robert MagaraMr Robert Magara

Counsel Magara further explained how it had since caused the once reputable law firm huge economic loss, social disgrace and psychological torture for which they intended to hold the NRM chairman liable in general and punitive damages and wanted him to pay shs100 million.

In the final warning, Magara indicated that should Akule Francis fail to respond to their demands which included an apologize for his comments within a period of seven days from the date of receipt of the notice, the firm will be left with no other option but to expeditiously file a suit at his own peril and total embarrassment.

When contacted over the matter, Magara told West Nile Web that they were satisfied with the apology of Akule and will therefore, not proceed with the intended suit.

Last year, Okurut and Magara Associated Advocates entered a contract with the numerous Madi war claimants seeking for compensation for the harm and loss of property during the over 20 years of insurgency that was orchestrated by the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.

But the firm since then came under attack from several politicians in the district who had preferred other means to be used in pursuing the same.

Adjumani East MP Mr Mark Dulu was last year quoted on the media dismissing the move by Okurut and Magara Associated Advocates as a gimmick while former East Moyo MP Mr Santos Erwaga claimed that the matter of the war claimants had already been resolved in Arua High court.