ADJUMANI. Attempts by the fisheries department of Adjumani to license all people dealing in the sale of silver fish commonly referred to asMukene has hit a snag.
This is after the officials were confronted by a number of silverfish sellers at Awindiri market in Adjumani town on Sunday.

According to Mr Peter Okuonzi, the Adjumani fisheries officer, for the last 8 years that he has been in the district, nobody has had a license to sell silver fish.

He said they have been sensitizing the business community on the need to get licensed only that most of them remained adamant to the call, a reason they are now enforcing the law.

Okuonzi added that they have forcefully begun registering all fishermen and fishmongers in the whole district as a cleanup exercise to correct the mess in the business.

He warned that any fishmonger who will not abide by the conditions will be kicked out of the business since it has a lot of health hazards which if not properly regulated, the district will suffer.

But the aggrieved members of silverfish mongers association in Awindiri market threatened to petition Adjumani chief administrative officer (CAO) over what they term as unprofessional and unfair treatment by Okuonzi.

The angry fishmongers especially women accused Okuonzi of destroying their silver fish.

Ms Rukia Fausu, the chairperson of the association alleged that Okuonzi stormed their stalls on Sunday morning kicking and scattering all the silver fish they had displayed for sale in the process of asking for licenses.

Fausu said Okuonzi’s action has forced many women to lose money because of his action.

Ms Veronica Chandia wondered why Okuonzi came to carry out such an operation on Sunday given that it was a weekend.

She also denied Okuonzi’s earlier claim that his office sensitized them on the need to get licenses for their business, saying it is the first time they are hearing about it.

As a result, the members of the association have vowed to drag Okuonzi to court over malicious damage to property if he does not apologize and also compensate them.