ADJUMANI. The Adjumani resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Peter Taban Dada has donated impounded bags of charcoal to the needy families in the district.

The charcoal was late last month impounded from a businessman who was licensed by the district to carry only 200 bags but instead loaded 380 on his truck.

Operatives from the office of the RDC later acted by impounding the truck and offloaded the extra bags that were loaded illegally.

However, Taban said instead of burning the charcoal, he decided to donate it to the needy families especially the elderly, the disabled and the sick in hospitals who are vulnerable.

He said his action is the continuation of the fight against illegal dealing in charcoal business, warning that the operations will continue.

Taban said they are working as a team with the district authorities in the fight charcoal business but blamed forest rangers for not doing proper verification of licensed persons.

“I am also warning leaders who are involved in this illegality to pull out lest we shall expose them,” he warned.

Last month, the Adjumani district chairperson Mr James Leku Pilli announced that the district had teamed up with cultural leaders of Palaro clan in Pakele sub-county where the illegalities on forest products are rampant.

Leku expressed disappointment over the continued illegal logging and charcoal burning which he says is being fuelled by the local council ones who are sheltering and issuing logging documents to illegal loggers.

Close to 20 illegal loggers and charcoal burners have been arrested and charged in courts of law, according to statistics from the district.

Mr William Amanzuru, the coordinator friends of Zoka, a pressure group that fights to protect the depletion of Zoka forest reserve welcomed the gesture of giving it to the vulnerable members of the community.

Amanzuru expressed optimism about the fight which he said might succeed because the dealers lose their properties after heavily bribing the officials, a move which will help to protect the environment.