ADJUMANI. The victims of a heavy storm in Adropi sub-county, Adjumani district are calling for relief aid.

Majority of the victims are currently helpless after the February 18 storm destroyed their houses and other property worth millions of shillings.

The most affected villages are Esia central, Marinyo and Endrebamvuku East. The property being damaged by the heavy wind include; houses, latrines, bananas, fruit trees like oranges and mangoes.

Others are woodlots, simsim, maize grains, sorghum and beans that were stored in the houses.

According to Mr Davis Ganson, the Obolokong parish chief, at least 66 households were affected in Marinyo village and seven residents had their houses destroyed completely.

Meanwhile he said in Esia central, 55 people were affected and 34 households in Endrebamvuku East village.

Ganson further revealed that although no person died in the incident, houses collapsed on three women who were later rushed to Adjumani hospital for treatment.

Mr Frederick Dragu, a resident of Marinyo village lost three houses with all the food items in them, one latrine and a bathing shelter were also brought down by the storm.

Dragu now appeals to the public, government and nongovernmental organizations to come to his aid as he is left with nothing.

Ms Scovia Mazira, a resident of Endrebamvuku East village said she also lost all her two houses, one latrine and a bathing shelter.

She said up to now, she is still sleeping at a neighbour’s home with her children.housessSome of the houses destroyed by the storm in Adjumani


Mazira is now not sure whether she will construct a new house since she has no money at the moment.

While addressing journalist over the situation on Tuesday, Mr Bosco Iranya, the Adropi sub-county chairperson appealed to the district and the office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to come with relief aid to support his people whose houses and food items have been destroyed by the storm.

Iranya noted that up to now, there is no support offered to the victims of the heavy wind.

He promised to write to OPM to consider supporting the affected households.

Iranya, however, urged locals to consider planting trees to act as wind breaker in such a situation.

“We must start serious tree planning campaign as this kind of wind has never been experienced in the sub-county for many years if we are to save our property in the near future,” Iranya advised.