ADJUMANI. Madi and West Nile Diocesan Bishop, Rt Rev Charles Collins Andaku has cautioned men against polygamy and drunkenness.

The bishop said those who marry many wives are in trouble because the women can turn around to fight them when the men fail in their obligations.

The prelate was speaking at St Luke Church of Uganda Biyaya in Adjumani Town Parish, during his confirmation exercise in Madi Archdeaconry.

He also warned the youth against alcohol saying many young lives had been lost, others have swollen body parts and pale skin due to excessive alcohol abuse.

According to a statement released from the diocesan communications department, the confirmation exercise in Madi Archdeaconry began on Sunday 12th January through to Wednesday 15th January 2020.

It further stated that a total of 323 Christians were confirmed, 309 gave their lives to Jesus Christ and 13 others were received from other faiths in the six parishes covering the districts of Moyo, Adjumani, and Obongi.

Bishop Charles 17 01 20Bishop Charles Collins Andaku during sacrament of Confirmation in Moyo.

During his trip, the Bishop also spoke about marriage life challenging men against polygamy and emphasized the importance of hard work calling laziness a disease.

He strongly condemned the men for bathing in the river urging women to stop the practice for their husbands. Bishop Andaku further appealed to men to share responsibility with their spouses as opposed to leaving it all to women.

Ms Jane Andaku, the Bishops spouse who accompanied him during the confirmation exercise discouraged youth from gambling but urged them to live their lives through hard work.

She urged the youth to follow the example of Jesus who according to the Bible was a carpenter and St Paul despite being an apostle was also a tentmaker.

Ms Andaku discouraged the youth from sitting at the roadsides idling without any productive activity.

She also spoke against land grabbing especially to those who grab land belonging to churches and institutions like schools.

Rt. Rev Emmanuel Mure, the bishop of Kajokeji Diocese, while preaching during the last confirmation service at Obongi appealed to Christians to use their energy to do productive work for God and the society they live in.

He thanked bishop Andaku for the good partnership and work relationship Madi and West Nile diocese enjoys with the Refugee congregations in the region.