ADJUMANI. Cheshire Services Uganda, a nongovernmental organization has earmarked 1.6 billion Ugandan shillings for training women with disabilities in different vocational skills in Adjumani district.

Officials said the project which targets 250 women will commence in 2019 and end in 2021.

Mr Emmanuel Eripu, the project manager Cheshire services said the overall objective of the project is to support all the 250 women with disabilities who are living in poverty to improve on their livelihoods.

He explained that the women will be trained in various vocational skills ranging from tailoring, saloon, weaving and other forms of trainings to improve on their household income.

Eripu said the women will be trained in phases of 100 starting next year while the last group of 50 will attain their training in 2021.

Ms Beatrice Dipio, the female district councilor representing persons with disabilities in the council said the project has come at the right time when women and people with disabilities are facing so many challenges because of their status.

She testified that people with disabilities are marginalized from many things in the communities especially when it comes to education and employment.

Dipio urged Cheshire services to consider extending the project period with more funding so that many women with disabilities can benefit from the skills training to boost their economic status.

Mr Richard Edema, the assistant chief administrative officer – Adjumani noted that the project will help in bridging the gap left by the district local government in empowering women with disabilities.

Ms Josephine Atto, the district secretary for finance planning and administration appealed to the lower local government leadership to monitor the project closely so that the funds reach the intended beneficiaries.