ADJUMANI. Two radios stations in West Nile region have been allocated the same frequency to operate by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Radio Pacis and radio Usalamah are now using the same frequency 99.7fm which has confused the listener.

During an occasion to mark the 17 years anniversary of radio Pacis with its frequency 90.9 fm and, 94.5fm all in Arua city, 101.4 fm in Gulu city and the program to launch its new radio station with frequency 99.7fm in Moyo district on Monday, the radio could not go on air due to a delay by Uganda communications Commission to sort out the difference between Ushalam and Radio Pacis.

Radio Ushalam that started operating in Adjumani in 2016 was given the frequency 99.7 which it has been using todate

Radio Pacis could not go on air as radio Usalamah is still using the same frequency but during the on-air testing of the waves earlier, the two stations were interfering with each other’s frequency making listening a challenge.

Mr Godfrey Bangi, the head teacher of Adjumani senior secondary school said one of their learning programs has been affected on radio Usalamah as they have been interfered with by the new station of radio Pacis in Moyo.

Fr Pasoline Tonino, the communication secretary of Arua diocese said it took them four years of struggle to secure the frequency from UCC.

Fr Pasolini T

Fr Charles Idraku, the director radio Pacis said they have done all the due diligence and followed all the processes to apply to Uganda communication commission to obtain the new frequency but wondered why they were given a frequency that was in use by another radio station.

“When we realized that 99.7 fm was in use by radio Usalamah, we notified UCC but they told us to either accept it or reject it and we had no option but to accept”, Fr Idraku stated.

Mr Titus Jogo the director radio Usalamah who also doubles as the refugee desk officer during the launch of radio Pacis said, the issue of the frequency will be resolved at another level noting that there is no cause for alarm.

Mr Afred Bogere, the head of engineering department at Uganda communications commission when contacted on phone, declined to speak before switching off his phone but Mr William Wadrogu, the in charge of UCC in Masindi clarified that the issue will be sorted next week as he was still out of office.

“The frequency for Usalamah was given on a temporary basis which we shall correct very soon, because allowing all of them to operate will have a lot of interference of the waves”, Wadrogu said.

Other sources privy to the matter said radio Ushalama's frequency was not on the spectrum from which the frequency to radio Pacis was picked from meaning UCC was not aware about their frequency.

The ordinary of Arua diocese Rt Rev Sabino Ocan Odoki said, the purpose of opening the new radio frequency is intended to help in evangelization to the refugees in West Nile and part of South Sudan.