ADJUMANI. The Adjumani district council has approved the creation of four new town boards, three sub-counties and three new wards in Adjumani town council as the urban council strategizes for municipality status.

The motion for the creation of the new administrative units was moved by the secretary for finance and administration Ms. Josephine Ato, who reasoned that the population and the level of growth in the mentioned areas necessitated new administrative units to accommodate the rising demands for services.

The new sub-counties are; Palaro, which was carved out of Pakelle Sub County, Ajugopi, formerly part of Dzaipi Sub County and Ayiri, which was carved out of Ukusijoni Sub County.

The same council also approved Dzaipi town board in Dzaipi Sub County, Chiforo town board in Chiforo Sub County, Ofua town board in Ofua Sub County and Mungula town board in Mungula Sub County.

Meanwhile, in Adjumani town council, the council created three additional wards which include; Mina, Paridi and Pakondo wards bringing the number of wards in Adjumani town council to six.

The councilor representing Ofua sub-county Mr. Richard Kaijuka and Mr. Job Mundara of Pachara sub-county raised objections to the motion on the basis that the information tabled before the council was premature and that the new administrative units were too many, but they were quickly overruled by the district speaker Mr. Dominic Idro.

The list of the approved administrative units will have to be submitted to the ministry of local government for final decision.

Currently, Adjumani district has two town councils and eight sub-counties, last year the council also approved Zoka Sub County which was carved out of Itirikwa Sub County.