ADJUMANI. The office of the Prime Minister (OPM) together with UNHCR are set to distribute a total of 57, 000 face masks for refugees in Adjumani district.

This is after the refugees were not factored in the recently distributed face masks by the government of Uganda.

The revelation was made on Thursday during the district task force meeting at Adjumani district headquarters.

The refugee desk officer (RDO) for Adjumani, Mr Titus Jogo reported that the district is hosting 230,000 refugees and about 25 percent of the population is of children below the age of six years who do not qualify to get the face masks.

Jogo said they were using locally trained people from among the refugees and host communities to make the face masks.

“Once we finish making the 57, 000 face masks, we shall officially launch it on June 27th and embark on massive distribution in the settlements,” Jogo stated.

He clarified that Adjumani is the first district to start making face masks for refugees apart from the 3, 000 supplied to new refugees who entered Zombo district under the directive of the President.

However, Adjumani district health officer, Dr George Bhoka expressed disappointment on the usage of the recently distributed community face masks.

Bhoka said after the completion of the distribution of the face masks in the community, he did a survey and discovered that there was completely poor usage of the face masks, especially in the public.

“I observed that even in a public place, out of about 10 people only two put on face masks, this is a bad practice,” Bhoka lamented.

Bhoka noted that although the face masks may not have been enough, the majority of the population had been covered.

The district task force chairman, Mr Peter Taban Data directed the enforcement officers not to relent but rather continue to enforce the ministry of health guidelines, especially in public places.