ADJUMANI.A Catholic priest in Adjumani district has cautioned parishioners against actions and behaviours that are likely to lure the men of God against falling in Love with them.

Rev Fr Joseph Urri, a visitor from Kisi parish in Kenya, was delivering his homily on Saturday at Adjumani Catholic parish where two newly ordained priests, Fr Leonardo Nyanda and Fr Fabiano Feta of Apostles of Jesus congregation were celebrating their first mass as priests.

Fr Urri instead urged the Christians to behave in a manner that is accepted by the Catholic Church and support the priest in their ministry instead of falling in love with them.

“Whenever you behave in a manner that portrays you to love a priest, the priests will also be tempted to accept because he is a human being”, Urri said.

He said priests are supposed to serve the Lord not the individual needs of the flesh of those who lure them adding that those who admire them should instead pray for themselves for God to take away their bad thoughts and feelings.

The two priests were ordained last month on August 9, 2019, in Nairobi by the Apostolic nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan his Excellency Hubertus Matheus Maria Van Megen.

Fr Leonard Nyanda who hails from Moyo parish joined the seminary in 2006 expressed gratitude to God for having made it to the Altar of God. He appealed to the young people to embrace priesthood vacation which he said is a call to serve the Lord.

Fr Feta who hails from Oluko parish in Arua district appreciated all who guided him on the journey to the priesthood.

Prof Sr Dominic Dipio, a lecturer from Makerere university applauded the two priests for their endurance but expressed disappointment over the poor attitude of the majority of people in Madi sub-region about education saying few students are admitted to the universities these days.

She appealed to the parents and youth to have a vision if they are to regain the lost glories when Madi students used to compete for admissions.

Fr Andrew Inyaga, the education secretary Arua diocese told the parishioners “if you love the cock, then you must love the egg too”, he advised parents to embrace girl child education which has remained poor in the region.