ADJUMANI. A commercial house in Adjumani town was on Monday morning brought to ashes with property worth millions of shillings lost.

The fire, first discovered by Ms Dominica Astolo who operates in a makeshift tea hotel near the commercial house reportedly started at about 6:30 am EST.

She narrated that she had come very early in the morning to prepare tea for her customers only to find the house was filled with smoke and immediately notified neighbours and the police.

The police rushed to the scene but could not do much due to the absence of firefighting equipment in the district.

Attempts to mobilize fire extinguishers from within the town to put off the fire proved futile. The house belongs to Mr Livingstone Acika Kupajo

According to Ms Asitolo who was the first eye witness, the fire started from the first door of Mr Saban Atutu who sells lubricants and other motor spare parts.

Although the police are still investigating the cause of the fire, other eyewitnesses suspect that the cause of the fire could be due to a short circuit.

Some of the affected tenants are Mr Nelson Drici with a drug shop and Mr Dominic Asilaza with a bookshop, both tenants lost everything.

Mr Samuel Lagu, the town Clerk Adjumani town council who is also a relative to the owner of the house bemoaned the incidence.

“Unfortunately, Adjumani town is a big town but lacks the services of the fire brigade,” Mr Lagu noted.

“We tried to contact the police, unfortunately, they also lack firefighting equipment and we contacted the nearest station Gulu but it was very far,” the town clerk added.

Samuel Lagu 13 01 20Mr Samuel Lagu speaks to the press at the scene. PHOTO BY MARKO TAIBOT.

He appealed to the central government to consider extending services of the fire brigade to fast and far growing urban councils like Adjumani to solve similar incidents in the future.

Mr Lagu urged the affected traders to stay calm as investigations continue and as the plea for firefighting equipment is followed with the central government.

Other measures including the use of soil by the locals as well proved futile.