ADJUMANI. Survivors and veterans in Adjumani district have completed a tedious verification exercise which ministry of Defence officials said will clear the way for the payment of their gratuity and pensions.

The ministry of defense dispatched a team of Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) officers countrywide to conclude the verification of the veterans.

Maj Owiny Akena, the team leader Uganda people defense force pension and gratuity backlog task force officer said they verified a particular section of veterans starting from World War II up to the year 2014 and strictly veterans who have never received any payment.

He further revealed that the payment is from a veteran of World War II because from 2014 gratuity and pensions in the army was formalized. The exercise for the verification was launched in early July this year.

Ms Veronica Ulego, a widow to late Zacheo Ulego, who joined the force in 1973 and died in 2007 and traveled from Moyo to Adjumani district said the process has been tiresome and money consuming.

The said her late husband left behind 6 orphans whom she has to take care of yet she doesn’t have a regular income, she appealed to the ministry of Defense to fasten the process so that the money is paid as soon as possible.

Ms Dominica Lindrio of Pavuraga in Adjumani district, the widow to late Martine Michael Amoko who joined the army in 1982 and died in 2003, served in the first battalion in Mbuya Barracks said her family had never received anything from the government ever since her husband was killed in crossfire while fighting LRA rebels in Acholi.

Others prayed that the verification exercise this time materializes this time as many of such exercises have been done without bearing fruits.

But Akena could not reveal the actual number of veterans who were verified in Adjumani and Moyo districts and how much they were expected to receive.