ARUA. A 109 year old woman, Ms Khemisa Battekajja, a resident of Anyafio cell in Arua central division has expressed happiness after hearing news that the candidates she voted for all won their races.

Khemisa who is also an aunt to former vice president Late Gen Mustafah Adirisi had made attempts through former Arua deputy resident district commissioner Ms Alice Akello to meet president Yoweri Museveni but was frustrated by the Covid-19 restrictions.

“I voted for president Museveni, I voted for Jackson Lee Atima and Maureen Osoru all NRM as Museveni had directed, I can now die in peace even if I have not met the president but knowing my grandchildren are safe and secure behind me”, she said.

Khemisa who had earlier given president Museveni a Lugbara name of ‘Bamuke’ meaning good person, said their return from exile and living peacefully under his protection meant that they were in safe hands.

“This term should be fruitful one for our people in Arua and West Nile region as a whole because we have voted for the president and NRM, he should give good ministerial appointments to us, our children are involved in drug abuse because they lack jobs and good education, this is what the president should prioritise in the next five years”, she added.

Mr Mahmoud Abdalah, a member of NRM elder’s league in Arua city re-echoed Khemisa’s statements saying the president needed to appoint people who would drive the demands of the people of the region.

“We used to have Gen Mustafah Adirisi who is now no more, Gen Moses Ali is now lone voice who needs to be reinforced with leaders whom we have elected so that issues that affect us are addressed, we the elders have done our part to prevail on the youths but now in turn they want jobs, electricity, security and good roads”, he said.

According to election results released by the electoral commission after the 14th January 2021 polls, president Museveni beat his closest challenger Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu by 58 per cent but the results have been disputed by the challenger and has filed a petition in the supreme court.