ARUA: The project might be remaining with two months to conclusion but already residents are appreciating its impact as the taps have not run dry during this dry season as it has always been in previous years.

Last year during the same period, the main town was hit with scarcity of water as Enyau, the main source of water for the corporation ran dry due to the long period of drought.

Northern Uganda and West Nile region in particular, experiences a long spell of drought normally from November up to March when the rains return.

The two components project which includes water management development and waste water treatment is 25 million dollar loan from World Bank to Uganda government.

The water management project, according to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation area manager, Badru Wandwasi, has reached a completion rate of 90 per cent.

So far, the construction of the 3.5 million litres water reservoir and storage at Giligili in Pajulu Sub County has been completed on addition to the current 1.4 million litres at Arua hill which is also to be renovated under the same project.

“We are expanding the water supply from the current five million litres per day to 12 million litres and also expanding the coverage from the 10km radius as it has been to 30km” Wandwasi said.

Under the same project, the pipes are also being upgraded and expanded “we have so far layed 80km of pipes, sank six boreholes and fixed bumps at the main water works” he added.

With Arua preparing towards becoming a city, the expansion, improvement and working on the sewage system is and added ingredient to the aspirations of the locals.

During presidential campaigns in 2016, President Museveni promised the people of Arua city status once he was elected president but the enabling conditions for a city like constant water supply and sewer lines had been lacking for Arua.

According to the project scope, by March 2018, 75 per cent of the project works would have been commissioned.

But this has not gone without criticisms from locals as they have accused Dot Services, the contractor of damaging sections of the road and its blowing its beauty in the process.

But Wandwasi said the works had limited the destruction of the road as they had improvised machines to dig under the roads to pass the pipes as it had always been the case.