ARUA. Christians of Aripea Catholic parish are responding positively towards the parish chapel renovation project that was launched late last year.

The latest is the contribution from the area member of parliament for Terego West Mr Moses Angundru who delivered 50 bags of cement worthy shs1.5million on Sunday.

The project was launched following advice from the out gone parish priest, Fr Tonino Pasolini who said the locals should not expect donations from foreign lands to renovate their own church.

Aii-vu sub county chairman Mr James Afadriayo who delivered the consignment on behalf of Angundru at the parish centre appealed to the Christians not to stop contributing generously because of such big donations.

“I know my area MP is somebody who likes development especially in the churches and other places of worship, I now want to appeal to the Christians to also do their part so that the work of the renovation continues up to the time we shall see the church that we have desired to see in this place”, Afadriayo advised.

Ms Jeska Abedi called on the Christians to continue with cooperation to renovate the church.


“I have seen the progreAii vu sub county chairman Mr James AfadriayoAii-vu sub county chairman Mr James Afadriayo during the inspection of the renovation of the renovation project is due to unity of the Christians, I am very grateful for the Christians here, I feel if all the Christians have interest in every church is like this, I know in Terego West we would grow”, Abedi stated.

Fr Richard Wokoti, the missionary parish priest of Aripea parish acknowledge the support saying it had come timely as the floor of the church appears awkward and surrounded with decent walls and roof.

“We are so grateful for the support and we continue begging for more people to come to our aid, we still have a lot to do, our church was almost collapsing, we want it up, we still have our parish hall to be completed so that our children are trained it instead of loitering in disco halls”, he said.

About shs1billion has so far been collected through donations by Christians within and in the diaspora and has already been used to paint the inner and outer walls, the roof and the apron.

Aripea church was constructed in 1952.