ARUA. Arua district technocrats and politicians are losing popularity from road users as the busy Owaffa-Ejome road in Uriama sub-county, Arua district has become prone to accident.

According to Ms Harriet Driciru, a teacher at Owaffa primary school, failure to clear the Owaffa-Ejome road pavements and upgrading it is a disservice to taxpayers.

“People are always getting accidents along this road yet it is the busiest road we rely on in this area. I think failure to fix it is a real disservice to us because our children are finding it hard to go to school whenever it rains,” Driciru said.

The deputy headteacher of Ejome secondary school, Mr John Patrick Alioni described the impact of the bad road to the community as being ‘so terrible.’

“When it rains, the road becomes impassable, when I normally reach at Oyoa spot, I pack my motorcycle in the nearby homes and foot for about 1Km to my school. This delays my work since it forces me to begin washing my legs and cleaning my clothes afresh before entering my office,” Mr. Alioni Lamented.

Mr Ben Okunduga, a resident of Aanga village in Bileafe sub-county whose child was knocked by a motorcycle along the Owaffa – Ejome road said they are spending most of their time on controlling their children on the road.

“We know that the district is not caring about us, people like me with a home along the road are at more risk. From the time my child was knocked, I resorted to accompanying them to cross the road while going to fetch water and to Aanga primary school,” Okunduga narrated.

Mr Joel Banduga, a resident of the same village noted that accidents are rampant on the road especially on the side of school children because the bushy pavement prevents visibility of approaching traffic.

Mr Banduga said once a vehicle approaches abruptly, they are forced to jump into the bush for fear of their lives.

“Look at the width of the road, where do you think we can stand safely when the road pavement is bushy?” Mr Banduga asked.

But Mr Lonzino Itrima, the Uriama sub-county chairperson said the district councilors from the three sub-counties of Uriama, Bileafe and Aii-vu through which the road passes should have jointly reported the problem to the relevant offices and district council meetings for action.

Mr Lonzino Itrima 28 11 19Uriama sub county chairman Mr Lonzino Itrima at Igbecia section which is a black spot.

However, Ms Emily Abaru, the district female councilor representing Uriama and Odupi sub-counties attributed the problem of the road on the failure by Arua district local government to facilitate the road contractors.

“The road funds are locked since the year started, the money was wrongly coded and every activity is stuck. The road gang for Owaffa-Ejome; I am told was given two roads including Lukuma-Mengo road. It’s like he is handicapped to maintain the two roads co-currently without funds,” Ms. Abaru stated.