ARUA. An ailing 110year old paternal aunt to former Ugandan vice president in Gen Iddi Amin’s government Gen Mustafah Idrisi has cried out to President Museveni’s government to come to the aid of her family.

Ms Khemisa Abdalah Batekaja had received Ms Alice Akello, the Madi Okollo Resident District Commissioner (RDC) on Sunday who had come to visit her at her home in Anyafio cell, Arua Central Division in Arua City

Ms Batekaja who is suffering from a sickness related to old age donated a necklace as a sign of blessing to the RDC who has taken it upon herself to take care of the 110year old.

The ailing Khemisa Abdallah Batekaja also donated and dressed Akello in the necklace after praying over it in appreciation of the decision taken by the RDC to come and check on her.

“When I see you, I see president Museveni whom I had always wanted to meet before I die but I know President Museveni is too busy, he promised to meet me, but because of his busy schedule, we haven’t met. So, in case I die, be ready to come and represent Museveni during my funeral,” Batekaja said.

“I have nothing to give you, but may the Lord bless this necklace of mine and receive it as a sign of blessing from me so that you can live to serve the nation up to my age,” Batekaja prayed for Akello.

Akello who equally brought several food items for Batekaja pledged to do what she can to ensure that Gen. Idris’ aunt heals.

Mr Mukthar Mustafah, a grandson to the former vice President said the aunt had always wanted to meet the president over several issues related to the family welfare, development issues in the region and discussing employment opportunities for sons and daughters in government departments.

“She is the only person who got a lot of time with Late Gen Mustafah, they used to discuss a lot so things so we suspect that she wanted to pass on a certain secret to President Museveni from the former vice president, she also wanted to recover the confiscated family properties”, Mukthar said.

According to Akello, Batekaja played a big role through the media to ensure that President Museveni passed in the West Nile region during the just concluded elections.

“Batekaja used to call different reporters through her grandson to come here and through the journalists, Batekaja continued to appeal to the people in West Nile especially the youth to vote for President Museveni and indeed people listened to her advice and voted for the President very well,” Akello stressed.

"Batekaja told the youths what the President has done for this nation, a reason many turned up massively to vote for Museveni in big numbers this time round in the West Nile region. So, I pray that God should add for her more years the way He added 15 years for King Ezekiel in the Bible," Akello added.

At the helm of Covid-19 lock-down in April last year, Batekaja donated over 20 cartons of water and shs400,000 to the office of Arua RDC as part of her effort in joining President Museveni in the fight against the pandemic.