ARUA. After winning FA cup at the closure of 2019-2020 premier league and later the community shield against Liverpool to kick-start 2020-2021 premier league season, a section of Arsenal fans in Arua city took to the streets to undertake charity work on behalf of the London based Arsenal Football Club.

The fans cleaned Mvara dri trading center in central division and two more trading centers along Oluko road in Ayivu East Division, Arua city.

During the exercise, the fans also gave pieces of soap to the elderly people and those seen to be vulnerable in the community.

Mr Gift Andama, coordinator for the cause said it is a special day that they have chosen as Arsenal fans to give back to the community for the support they have exhibited for the club.

“Although Arsenal won the two trophies some months ago, our main purpose is just to help the community and let people know that Arsenal has fans in this community”, Andama said.

He said the members of this Arsenal fans group are registering their membership in order to show their commitment to the club.

He said this is not the end to such a charity move in the community as they plan to have more of it in future.

Arsenal fansArsenal fans cleaning Mvara-dri trading center on Saturday. PHOTO BY JONATHAN ALEN

As the fan group has no specific name to identify them from other Arsenal fan groups in the city, Andama said fans in this group will soon be discussing a name for it.

The kind of charity that the fans took to the people surprised women in Oluko as it is first of its kind for them to see local fans representing famous premier league football clubs coming to their area for charity.

“This is my first time to see such a thing happening and I am really happy”, 56 year old Tereza Driciru who received a piece of soap noted.

Amdama called upon former Arsenal fans who crossed to other premier league teams because of previous frustrations as a result of poor performance to come back so that their fan base increases for the good of the Arsenal Football club.