ARUA. Mr Rasul Amati, a mobile money proprietor was shot three times from the back as he closed the door of his business premises opposite Nsambya stage in Arua town by assailants driving in a salon car.

Mrs Josephine Angucia, the regional police spokesperson said the manner in which the crime was committed signals a shift in tactics by violent criminals whose notoriety has been known by them riding on motorcycles while wearing hooded sweaters to attack high profile figures.

Nobody has been arrested in connection to Amati’s slaying although police say they have important clues that they are closely following.

They recovered three cartridges of killer bullets from the gory scene of the murder, Angucia said.

Amati’s body was handed to relatives after a post-mortem from Arua hospital on Monday morning and he would be buried at their ancestral home in Maracha district.

The gruesome murder follows a spike in violent crimes that security officers say are complex and without clear motives.

“It could be business wrangles, a deal gone bad. It could be contest over land or women, we don’t know but we are appealing for public to give us information,” Angucia said.

She said just the night earlier, a private security guard, Mr Stephen Andama, 32, was shot in the hand at Bamboo village bar, about a kilometre from where Amati was killed.

While last Friday, a police constable identified as Mr John Inziku who was guarding the electoral commission premises claimed his gun had been stolen when he fell asleep after developing sickness on duty.

However with recent allegations of security officers hiring out guns to criminals staining the image of the security organs, the police have since detained Inziku for investigation over possible professional misconduct and faking of sickness as an afterthought.

His cell phone was reportedly found abandoned by the road side by two people who were initially detained but later released after obtaining police bonds.
The police are also trying to establish if there is link between the three incidences or they are a coincidence.