ARUA. Ahead of Thursday’s presidential and parliamentary voting day, the Arua central division parliamentary candidate on National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket, Mr Hadad Salim’s whereabouts still remains a mystery.

Hadad went missing on Sunday night from his home in Arua public cell after being successfully driven home at 11:00PM by his campaign manager, Mr Sadam Hussein Abali after a long day’s campaigns.

While confirming Hadad’s disappearance to the media on Monday afternoon, Sadam Hussein Abali said no family member realized how his candidate was being picked by the unknown people, apart from finding his door broken some hours later.

It is said that neighbours are the ones who informed family members of suspected occurrence of disappearance of Hadad Salim late in the night as they saw the door being broken.

According to Abali, there have been several attempts to kidnap his candidate by unknown people, a situation that has largely been prevented by the candidate’s family members.

“We woke up this morning on a sad note after realizing that our beloved candidate went missing. We don’t know where he went. We are giving an ultimatum of 48 hours to the people who kidnapped our candidate who is loved by the electorates”, Abali said.

Mr Hussei

He said he had been seeing strange faces in civilian wear since Saturday last week around the home whom he suspects could have been hunting for Hadad before being picked on Sunday night.

Abali disclosed that police are already collaborating with the family and other stakeholders to investigate the matter.

When contacted, Police spokesperson for the West Nile region, Ms Josephine Angucia said the matter is under investigation by the police.

Mr Hadad Salim who subscribed to NUP is one of the six candidates for the parliamentary race for Arua city central division.

Uganda goes into presidential and parliamentary elections on Thursday 14th January 2021.