ARUA. The implementation of a by-law set by the council of Katrini sub-county to ban night markets is generating support from communities.

The transactions this time as observed at Itia market begin at 7:00am and over 17 vigilantes are helping the local leaders swing into action at 7pm to expel traders remaining inside the market according to eyewitnesses.

Ms Lillian Amviko, a market clerk from the market said that majority of the people this time start coming to the market at 10:00am making them to register increased market dues.

Amviko noted that it was difficult in the begining as many got confused as they were used to night transactions.

"The implementation of the by-law became effective on May 1, 2018 but this time people have become used to following the time and guidelines set in place" She said.

Her colleague, Ms Harriet Munguleni from Itia village commended the local leaders over enacting a by-law that acts as a direct remedy to challenges which affected development of the market.

Bosco Asiku

The parish chief of Olea, Mr Bosco Asiku while outlining the problems of late makets said he met no resistance from the public during the sensitization meeting prior to the implementation.

Asiku said they have made adjustments where auctioning of animals is also done in the former food market to increase local revenue base.

The LC III councilor representing the parish Mr Philliam Candia who is also the secretary for finance said successful implementation of the by-law will be a permanent solution to insecurity in the area that used repulse those who come from far to the market.

Katrini sub-county council enacted the unprecedented by-law after the area MP for Terego West constituency Mr Moses Angundru, launched a campaign against late markets last year during the celebration of women’s day in all the three sub-counties in his constituency.

Angundru argued that late markets had caused problems for many families especially young girls operating petty businesses and its negative consequences outweighed the benefits.

The market is strategically located at the border between Terego and Maracha district hence attracting people from Aroi parish in Yivu Sub County and Kijomoro Sub County.
A considerable number people from Aii-vu sub-county also regularly go the market.