ARUA. Arua district Covid-19 task force members have told a parliamentary committee on government assurance that they will close the quarantine centre if they don’t receive food supplies to feed the covid-19 suspects.

Mr Paul Drileba Bishop, the acting Arua district health officer said they will send the suspects back into the community since they don’t have the means to feed them.

The task force members were meeting the Obongi county MP Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo led committee of government assurance which is on a fact finding mission of promises made by government in relation to the fight against Covid-19.

“We have now become professional beggars of food, we are constantly begging to make people survive, we shall let the gate open so that the suspects go into the community to look for food”, Drileba said.

He said the shs 165million earlier advanced to all the districts in the country to mitigate effects of Covid-19 was not enough as it lasted for only two months.

“Unlike all other districts, we did not receive food from the office of the prime minister, we wrote to them several reminders but we did not get any responses”, Drileba added.

He said the delay in the release of results was also taking a tall on the district task force resources as the suspects are meant to stay longer in the centre instead of the mandatory 14 days.

The quarantine centre in Arua located at Arua prison primary school has experienced several escapes of suspects majority of them attributing it to hanger and prolonged stay.

Arua regional referral hospital director Dr Philbert Nyeko reported that the facility had not yet received the 10 intensive care units promised by the ministry of health to treat Covid-19 patients. He said the hospital was yet fortunate that the cases they have so far treated had not advanced.

But Fungaroo called for investigations into attacks against some security forces patrolling during the curfew saying the incidences were unfamiliar in the region.

Two weeks ago, soldier was short in the head by an arrow in Awindiri, a suburb of Arua town while similar incidences have been happening in the district.

“The patrols which are conducted in Obongi today are conducted by the UPDF, Police and civilians who are drawn from the Local coucils, they move together and this thing of fighting between security forces is not there, so this thing of Arua needs to be investigated and politics should be cut out of this”, Fungaroo stated.

He said they would submit all their findings to the office of the prime minister.

But Brig Flavia Byekwaso, a representative of the UPDF in parliament and a committee member said the incidents were not as a result of soldiers having a good relation with locals but as a result of anger generated by the lockdown.

Brig FlavaBrig Flavia Byekwaso said the attacks against sucurity forces were as a result of of anger of lockdown.