ARUA. Leaders of Arua district local government have come out to attribute the poor state of roads in the district to a delayed disbursement of money from the ministry of finance.

Mr Donath Eswilu, the Arua Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) said the district has not received road funds since July last year.

He noted that the technicality is purely based on the budget which was uploaded in a wrong code.

Mr Eswilu and the district chairman, Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua were addressing journalists early this week following social media posts suggesting that the money could have been swindled by the leaders,

The CAO said the district has been following the shs810million since September last year, but with little success though, he never mentioned when exactly the money will be available.

Eswilu disclosed that the district uploaded the budget in another code as opposed to the rightful one that was thought to have been dormant.

98 per cent of the district’s funding comes from the central government as local revenues collected are channelled into local revenue collection accounts in Bank of Uganda which issues cash limits on its usage.

“Outside there, people may be saying that we are eating money, but it’s not as easy as you think because systems are becoming tighter and tighter every day,” the CAO said.

He expressed optimism that the money may be released at the end of January where road maintenance works will then resume immediately.

Meanwhile Nyakua said the shs810million allocated for Arua under Uganda road fund in a financial year is not enough for the routine maintenance of 440km road networks in the district.

Nyakua observed that as a result, the district will first select roads with worst conditions as those in a better state will be worked on after the few selected worse ones have already been dealt with.

While refuting social media allegations, the chairman blamed landlords with plots of land near the road reserves for blocking water runways, one thing that he said makes rain water to accumulate on the road thus creating pot-holes.

He said of the shs810million, shs164million will be channelled to sub-counties to maintain their own.