ARUA. The bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese, Rt Rev Charles Collins Andaku has assured kind people of the reward they will receive from God when they pass on.

He made the remark while preaching during the funeral rights of late David Aiiku on Saturday at Ezuku-Ayivu village, Vurra sub-county, Arua district.

“If you are always pulling people down in society when someone is doing work if you are killing people if you are showing hatred to others, and you are always gossiping, you will reap what you do”, Andaku said.

He said the reward will be determined by the actions each person portrays in the society in which the corrupt ones will face the consequences.

“If late David was corrupt, his death should not have been celebrated. It is his good legacy that has brought him this far and be honoured after his death”, the bishop noted.
While quoting from Ecclesiastes 3:12, Bishop Andaku encouraged people to rejoice and do good but not to be wrongdoers in other people’s lives.

He said when one does good to others, he or she will receive love in turn and equally when one shows respect to others, such a person will earn respect.

“For you, why do you want to carry enmity all over and create hatred among people by fighting innocent people? Vengeance in life belongs to God and should be left for him alone. Everybody will reap what they sow in life”, the bishop emphasized.

He called upon people to be prepared for a good death by doing good things to others in the community and applauded late David Ayiku for the kind of legacy he left behind.

Meanwhile, Arua district male councillor representing Vurra sub-county, Mr Anguyo Pariyo said selfishness continues to remain the biggest disease killing Uganda’s development.

“You can be with choppers and bungalows, but still you will want to steal billions of public money, when shall it be enough for you?” Pariyo questioned.

Born on 11th November 1927, late David Aiiku who died as a professional teacher at the age of 92 years, started his primary school under a tree.

Late David Aiiku 17 07 19The Late David Aiiku.

He was later promoted to Ezuku primary school to start primary one (P.1) and later went to Mvara for his P.4 up to P.6 between 1946 and 1948.

By 1950, he joined Vernacular Teachers Training Course (VTTC) at Mvara for three years and after completion, he was at first posted as a teacher at Anyavu primary school in Logiri sub-county, Arua district.

He died of hypertension and pneumonia on Sunday 7th of July at Kuluva hospital after being admitted for a week.