ARUA. Arua Municipal officials have handed over two more roads for construction, just six months before the operationalization of the proposed Arua City.

The roads that include Adroa and school road, both adding up to 2.8km were handed over to China Railway seventh group on Thursday.

Speaking during the function, Mr Anthony Dradria, the Acting Arua Municipal Engineer said they have received funds from the World Bank through the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program for the construction of the roads.

He said of the funds received, shs18.66bn has been earmarked for the main contractor and shs930m was allocated to Joada Consults for consultancy work in the course of the 18 months contract period.

Dradria said in the design, the 16 meters wide Adroa road shall be a four-lane road while school road will be a dual carriageway measuring 26 meters wide. He added that both roads will be constructed with parking and solar street lights.

Arua Municipality is among the 14 Municipalities in Uganda that benefited from the initial USMID program that started in 2014 and ended in December 2018.

During the period, Arua Municipality received a total of shs24bn for infrastructure development under USMID program.

The money was used to construct Enyau road, Idi Amin road, Lemerijua road, the Kamure Park round-about, and Old Joago road.

Enyau road 10 01 20The newly tarmacked Enyau road. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

Other projects are the ongoing Duuka road construction works and the newly constructed Arua modern taxi park.

But during the handover ceremony of the new projects, Dradria said: “Let us join hands, we will work together. Let us not leave a failure or success to others; it is all on us. Where you see something, you report. Please, help us otherwise, we will not be everywhere but we shall all be everywhere so long as we coordinate what is going on.”

Meanwhile Mr Cornelius Jobile, the Arua Municipality Deputy Town Clerk noted that the two roads project belong to the people but not Arua Municipality as many believe.

“These roads are for the people but not the Municipality, Municipal is just a custodian. You are able to appreciate for yourself the condition of the school road and that of Adroa road, and so, what is important is to appreciate that these roads are a public good which means they are bigger than individuals,” Jobile said.

Road 10 01 20A section of the school road which is going to be worked upon. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

He urged people to come out collectively to embrace the project and monitor it for good results.

Mr Khemis Muzaid, the River Oli Division chairperson, the host of about 95 per cent of the project said the people of the Division are ready to cooperate with the contractor to ensure that the project succeeds.

Similarly, the Arua Municipality Mayor, Al-Hajj Isah Afeku Kato said they are committed to pushing Arua Municipality into the City status in terms of development.

“Now that the project has been handed over to the contractor, we will immediately start the preliminary works like surveying, bush clearing, clearing any trees and tree stamps for the actual work to start in about two weeks,” Mr Joel Aita, the Director of Joada Consults limited said.

According to Aita, such road projects define a City since they will give very good scenery of the City which is slated to start on July 1, 2020.