ARUA. Security officials of Arua district have warned the Muslim community in the district against acts of violence.

Capt Elly Tugayine, the Arua District Internal Security Officer (DISO) promised that as security, they will not hesitate to take action on any Muslim member who resorts to violence as the only means of solving a problem.

Tugayine was speaking on behalf of Mr. Peter Debele, the Arua Resident District Commissioner (RDC) during a meeting convened for Arua Muslim district leadership at Arua Secondary School on Wednesday.

The meeting was called by a team of officials from Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Electoral Commission department.

The officials led by Hajj Abdulwahab Rugasa, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Secretary for Administration was in Arua to confirm Arua Muslim Council resolution to impeach their former Khadi, Sheik Ahmed Amin Maga.

Capt Elly Tugayine

Maga was on April 21, 2018 impeached by his Councillors over allegations of incompetence and abuse of office.

“As government, we are looking forward to your (Muslim) leaders for harmony among the Muslim community. Disagree here to agree but don’t become violent because if you become violent, I will not come here to discuss like this apart from taking action against you,” Tugayine warned.

Tugayine who was in the company of Abbas Senyonjo, the Arua district police commander (DPC) instead urged Muslims to make sure that Islam is a religion of peace and development.

“Disagreements are normal; if you can disagree with your mother or brother, what about your leader?” Tugayine asked, adding that the only way of resolving grievances is to find peaceful means other than resorting to violence.

Tugayine’s remarks came barely after 30 minutes of standoff among the Muslims who protested Maga’s decision to introduce himself as the ‘serving district Khadi’ yet they had already impeached and replaced him with Sheik Juma Abdulai Vuni, the Arua Municipal Muslim County Khadi.

“This is an insult to us the Councillors of Arua Muslim district. How can Sheik Maga disrespect us to this extend of introducing himself as the district Khadi aware that he is no longer in office?” Mr Ahmed Miria, the Councillor representing Ayivu Muslim County asked as he pushed closer to the guests’ table where Maga was sitting.

“We want Maga to withdraw that statement, apologize to us and walk out of this meeting if we are to proceed,” Miria demanded as other Councillors joined him in the protest with attempts to forcefully throw Maga out of the room.


The situation was however, normalized by Mr Habib Aluma, the Arua Muslim General Secretary who stood up to calm down the Councillors. He asked the angered Councillors to take their seats and assured them that Maga is no longer a Khadi since there can’t be two Khadis to run the affairs of the Muslims in the district.

After restoring calm, Rugasa thanked the Councillors for being very open by expressing what they don’t want, saying their act reflects the true characteristic of being a Muslim.

Meanwhile Mr. Nyago Kayongo, the UMSC Electoral Commission Chairperson said the Kampala team has come to work with Arua Muslim leadership to ensure peaceful growth of the Islamic Faith.