ARUA. In the spate of the ever increasing cases of road carnage, Arua district local government officials have condemned recklessness and deliberate failure to observe traffic regulations.

This, they said is the single most cause of accidents on Ugandas’ roads which is claiming countless lives.

In the latest incident, 41 year old Mr Ronald Amandrua, the production officer of Uriama Sub County in Terego East constituency was knocked and died on spot on Sunday near Arua air field at around 7:30PM.

Eye witnesses said a Fuso Lorry whose registration was not identified by press time tried to overtake another car at the corner next to Rock filling fuel station near the air field in total breach of traffic rules there by knocking Amandrua, who was coming from the opposite direction.

“We cannot have the police everywhere to monitor drivers, why do you drive as if you can’t reach home if you slow down? This could have been avoided” a visibly heartbroken Genesis Acema, the vice chairperson of Arua district said to the hundreds of mourners at Christ the King Church in Arua town during a requiem mass on Monday.

Mr Acema asked the congregation to pray for the district, lamenting that the rate of staff deaths from both technical and political wings was too alarming.

In 2017, Mr Charles Amadile, the then sub county chief of Rhino camp died from excessive bleeding at Rhema hospital after being knocked by another speeding lorry, a host of politicians including two deputy speakers, and the former leader of opposition have also died in a space of just 2 years.

Rev Fr Pius Alioni, the curate of Christ the King parish during the homily, hailed the late for his outstanding contribution to the work of God despite being a busy civil servant, he served in the Church choir.


“We are consoled by the fact that he didn’t meet his fate in a Disco place or from stealing but he was from a thanks giving ceremony, so where will your death find you because it comes suddenly?” Fr Alioni asked.

Mr Martin Andua Drani, the chairman of the burial committee said the thanks giving that took Mr Amandrua to the village was for one of the residents only identified as Veronica who had mysteriously recovered from Cancer while in the United Kingdom.

Mr Andua hailed the late Amandrua as a pillar in the construction of his home chapel in Aanga.

Mrs Lillian Anguparu, the widow said she was in Kampala taking their 10 year old first born daughter to school at the time of her husband’s demise; he has left behind 3 orphans.

Anguparu described her late husband as a rare man who gave her so much love that is not common in most families.

This latest incidence, also came hardly a week after traffic police launched what they termed “ a major operation” to rid the road of drivers without permits, vehicles in bad mechanical state and other related offences, 60 vehicles and 77 motor cycles were impounded at Arua central police station with the aim of reducing road accidents.

church funeral

Mrs Josephine Angucia, the West Nile regional police publicist said the various offenders were issued express penalties based on the nature of the offence committed. She said the express penalties ranged from 20,000-100,000 shillings for motorcycles while the range for vehicles is 20,000-200,000 shillings depending on the nature of offence committed.

Angucia vowed the police would continue with the crackdown at regular intervals across the region warning the public to take heed to the warning and observe traffic regulations.

“These operations are not done for fun, those affected should really change because we as police don’t also feel good impounding the same machines again and again, we expect the owners to change and follow traffic rules” Angucia said.

At the time of Amandrua’s death, the government had declared 3 days of national mourning after 22 people perished in a fatal accident in Kiryadongo district involving Gaagaa Bus, a tractor and a trailer.

Late Amandrua, a master’s degree holder from Makerere University will be buried in his ancestral village on Wednesady; the driver of the Fuso lorry was said to be in police custody, sources inside the funeral arrangements said the owner of the ill fated Fuso lorry had accepted responsibility of the incident and wanted to have a hand in burial arrangements.