ARUA. Arua public secondary school on Wednesady officially launched a drive that will culminate into the celebrations of its Golden Jubilee on the 16th June 2018.

The day-school located in the center of Arua town has excelled in recent years in both academic and other co-curricular activities in the district.

Part of the activities to be carried before the climax include a Malaria free campaign, where discussions are held with target audiences on the best ways to prevent Malaria, a donation drive to the Imvepi refugee settlement in Terego county of assorted items and a keep Arua town clean campaign in which students, Old boys and girls and teachers moved cleaning the streets of the town.

Mr Nelson Onzima, the vice chairman of the Golden Jubilee celebrations said the school was started primarily for Asian children in 1966 and had 11 pioneer children; the founders included VS Kaba, PA Rao, JS Jala, JJ Takeni and BK Jousy as the general secretary.

He said the school initially started as a private unit but was eventually taken by the natives in 1972 when President Idi Amin chased away the Asians from the country.

Nelson Onzima

Mr John Yuma, a teacher-trainer with Arua teacher training college (TTC) by then was appointed the first black head teacher of the school after the Asian expulsion according to the records obtained from the school; he later left to become Member of Parliament in Maracha in 1978.

Asked about the Notable successes the school has obtained over the years, Mr. Onzima said the school has overly evolved into a big center for all children despite its small beginnings.

“we now have over 2000 students from the previous 11 at the start, at the beginning, the school had only one classroom and now we have over 30, we have produced countless persons of importance in the country as well” He said of their achievements.

He pointed out Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua, the current Arua LC V chairman, and the chairpersons of the two Municipal divisions Ms Nesma Ocokoru of Arua hill and Mr Muzaid Khemis of River Oli as some of the notable public figures.

Mr Onzima said KCCA FC and Uganda cranes striking football player Muhammed Shaban is another prominent example who excelled out of the good extracurricular activities of the school.

school bus

However, despite the enormous success, the school is faced with an acute land shortage making expansion a big challenge; relatedly the lack of space has limited the school to operating a day section only, distant students have no accommodation. Onzima said being at the center of the town has also led to common challenges like sneaking, noise etc.

“As a remedy to these challenges, we have embarked on the construction of storied buildings to curb the space challenge, we shall next do ground breaking for a storied administration block” he said.

Organizers said that many dignitaries including President Yoweri Museveni, Cabinet ministers and regional Members of Parliament were invited for the celebrations although the president has not confirmed attendance.

The Public, the old boys and girls have also been rallied to support the 50 year existence of the school.