ARUA. A cross section of public in Arua town have expressed satisfaction over the manner in which works are progressing on the Multi-million water and sewerage works in the municipality and its suburbs.

The 24million-dollar agreement to build Arua’s first ever sewerage system was signed in February 2015 between National Water and Sewerage Corporation and Egyptian firm El-Nasr as well as Dott services, a local civil works firm with works expected to end in October 2017.

Area manager of national water and Sewerage Corporation Mr Badru Wanduasi said the works were going well and he was aware of what happened about the pipe but emphasized it didn’t affect the operations of National water and Sewerage Corporation

Officials of national water and sewerage corporation

Speaking about the contract length, Wanduasi said the contract was extended up to end of March 2018 and that Dott Services is in final completion of the works

“What we are seeing now is fine tuning of the system, it doesn’t mean the contractor should go away from here, he has one year to look at the defects and what happened today is just one of them. Basically the major works are complete” he said.

Wandwasi was reacting to an incident in which a grader cut a pipe leading to an overflow of water in the walkway in the main street.

On the quality of the works he said once the works of one authority have been affected by another, they have to make good “I have heard of such areas where works are not good but specifically we needed to know which part is affected so that we can communicate to the contractor because it is their responsibility to ensure that they make good” Wanduasi added of the complaints of shoddy works.

Arua resident district commissioner (RDC) Peter Dibele said the work being done is quality work adding that he had a special interest in water works because he once worked at National water and knows the work will be done perfectly.

In March 2017, National Water and Sewerage Corporation managing director Dr Silver Mugisha and his deputy Engineer Johnson Amayo while on an inspection mission said that the contract given to Dott Services must end in October 2017.

The main objective of the project was the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply system in Arua Water Supply Service Area (WSSA) to meet the projected demand up to year 2032.

The water supply has greatly stabilized in Arua town and its suburbs and these projects are expected to boost it more.