ARUA.The residents of Urima sub-county in Arua district have tasked their leaders to engage Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) officials to consider fixing the impassable Oluko-Otrevu and the Owaff-Ejome roads.

The residents accused their leaders of not taking action over the challenges they are facing due to the poor state of the two roads.

This was during a community dialogue (Baraza) organized by the area Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Mario Obiga Kania at Mengo and Edrayio trading centres on Saturday.

The residents claimed that Edrayio trading center is cut off from other area and the poor roads have also blocked businesses and access to social services in the area.

The baraza that kicked off in Omugo sub-county a week ago will be held in all the parishes in Terego East constituency with the support of Kaniawho also doubles as the State Minister of Internal Affairs.

The residents were questioning whether they have effective representation at different leadership ladders due to the suffering they are subjected to by the impassable roads especially when it rains.

Mr Lonzino Itrima, the Oriama sub-county chairman who acknowledged the poor state of the roads blamed the engineering departments of both Arua district local government and UNRA for failing to identify the spots that needed first-class marram and culverts.

“Everyone looks at us at sub-county level but Owaffa-Ejome road is a district road and Oluko-Otrevu road is a national road. We have reported several times to the relevant authorities but they have remained silent,” Itrima stressed.

At Engaa village in Otuambari parish in Uriama sub-county, a child is reportedly nursing injuries after he was knocked by a motorcycle on their compound two weeks ago since pedestrians and cyclists diverted the roads through the home because of the poor state of the nearby highway.

Several vehicles on the busy road that connects refugee camps often get stuck on the road every time it rains.

But Kania said Arua district is overwhelmed to effectively upgrade roads timely due to limited resources.

“In the long run, this problem will be solved if Terego is granted the district status in July next year. Arua is still too large to have the same number of road equipment with small districts, so there is a need to tolerate the situation,” Kania explained.

He used the opportunity in the different venues to advise the locals on income generation for better livelihoods, security and supporting children and monitoring teachers in schools to improve performance.