ARUA. The Christians of Katrini sub-parish under Arua catholic diocese in Terego West county, Arua district have started laying bricks for the construction of a parish hall.

The parish hall which is estimated to cost shs300m will accommodate offices, a store and a hall for trainings that will occasionally, be hired out to enhance the church’s revenue base.

According to Mr Lawrence Edekiti, the Katrini chapel secretary for finance, Christians from all the seven chapels under the sub-parish have so far laid almost half of the 80, 000 bricks needed for the construction of the hall.

“The brick laying project is going on very well with each of the six chapels laying 10, 000 bricks except the host Katrini chapel which will lay 20, 000 bricks,” Edekiti stated.

He explained that the Christians are motivated to do the work after the parish Priest, Fr. Pasolini Tonino and Ms Sherry Meyer donated different items to be sold to fundraise money for the construction of the parish hall.

“They brought 50 song books each sold at shs7000, 50 T-shirts each sold at shs20,000, 50 bags that are sold at shs40,000, Baptism cards and calendars to be sold to raise money that will be part of their contributions,” Edekiti said.

Ms Emily Inzikuru of St. Peter Calvary small Christian community said they are interested in seeing that the hall is completed so that it can be used to raise funds to support the different church activities.

Mr Denis Oraku, the choir chairperson of the church said the youths have been motivated to participate in the project because it will make them host big events like the deanery music festivals.

“I know some donors may support us in the construction of this Parish hall. This project is going to be more beneficial for the youth and that is why, we have all come out to participate and I am optimistic that the cooperation will continue up to the renovation stage of the church,” Oraku stated.

But the vice catechist of Katrini chapel, Mr Denis Madela said the high turnup for the work is due to constant reminder by the catechists to the Christians to support the initiative.

Meanwhile the zone leader of Katrini, Mr Kasto Alidria commended the Christians who have so far contributed generously towards the construction of the Parish hall.

Christians had initially not been taking initiatives like this seriously simply because donors used to foot all the bills but as foreign funders begin to withdraw interests, locals are getting more involved in their own issues.