ARUA. Ma’di and West Nile diocese mothers and fathers union departments have started a campaign to reach out to students in secondary schools with messages aimed at improving performance and building life skills.

The program closely follows the one in which the Church engaged communities in ways of combating common societal evils like teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and domestic violence.

“As your mothers and fathers, we have realised the world is changing rapidly but we do not want to follow the world with these rapid changes but stand on what is right. You, young people, have a future but you too have the choice to determine the kind of future you want,” Mrs Hellen Enzama, the President of the Mothers Union in the diocese said.

Mrs Enzama was speaking to students of Vurra secondary school in the company of other members of the women department on Wednesday.

She urged the students to pray, confide their problems to a person like a teacher, be with the right company and get enough rest whenever they are stressed.

Speaking about her school life, Mrs Enzama appealed to students to look at the bigger picture if they are to secure a bright future.

“As an orphan, I went through all the hardships, sometimes we could use charcoal and salt for brushing our teeth. We had five types of weevils in our beans and yet we knew this was only for a short time,” Mrs Enzama said to the attentive students.

Mrs Enzama 11 07 19Mrs Enzama later took time to speak to the boys alone. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.

Rev Victoria Adiru, the head of the women workers of the diocese asked the students to set the right goals within a specific time period if they are to achieve their future dreams.

Rev. Adiru implored the students to plan how to achieve the set goals and celebrate any success once the goals have been achieved.

Rev Victoria Adiru 11 07 19Rev Victoria Adiru shares a hearty laughter with the students. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.

The students were later divided into groups of boys and girls to educate themselves on their personal hygiene and body development.

Mr Martin Bileni, the diocesan communications officer and an old boy of the school caused deafening laughter when he shared his personal experiences during their time at the school.

Through his comic expressions, he urged the students to make the right decisions or face being social misfits in the near future.