ARUA. Uganda Medical Association (UMA) welfare chairperson Dr Samuel Odongo Oledo has said the country’s only way out of the threat of Coronavirus is to follow the guidelines set by the ministry of health.

Dr Odongo who is also a lecturer at Kampala international university (KIU) teaching hospital and the head of the medics under state house scholarships said the country was ill-equipped to handle the cases in case of a massive outbreak.

“I want the people of West Nile to understand that the president’s directive on Coronavirus that has slapped a ban on public transport is not a punishment but a way of stopping the virus from spreading further”

He continued “I want to discourage the misinformation that Africans have a strong immune system to withstand the disease, our health care system can’t handle the outbreak if it becomes like what we see in the other countries that’s why the president is very aggressive on prevention because he knows if we go to the complicated levels, people are going to die like grasshoppers”, Odongo said.

Odongo who also harbours political ambitions of the vice chairman for Northern Uganda in his National Resistance Movement (NRM) party was speaking to the media in Arua town on Thursday.

Confirmed cases in the country reached 18 by 27th March after the president confirmed that four people who had been in quarantine tested positive.

“Although it is too early to accurately determine whether we are defeating the virus or not, I have some good news in as far as fighting is concerned”.

 Dr Samuel OdongoDr Samuel Odongo Oledo (L) flanked by Jackson Obindu, a youth member of the NRM during the press conference. PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.

“Yesterday but one, the 25th of March, 104 returnees from Dubai or their associates were tested for the virus and they were all negative, Yesterday, the 26th of March, another 197 people were tested and many of them were returnees from Dubai or other category one countries, only 4 tested positive”, the president wrote on his official Facebook wall.

“These four had been under institutional quarantine in the various hotels identified by the sub-committee on quarantine. They have been evacuated to Mulago Hospital for treatment”

“It seems, therefore, that the efforts of identifying by temperature monitoring at the airport, quarantining the people on whom there's some suspicion and tracing the ones who escaped from the quarantine is working well”, the president further wrote.

He also confirmed that the majority of the 14 people who were hospitalized in Entebbe, Mulago and Masaka with the virus are responding well to the treatment and seem to be improving.

However on the global scale, the United States overtook China as the country with the highest cases reaching above 85,600 with over 1300 deaths.

Italy still remained the country with the highest deaths so far recorded with over 8200 having succumbed to the disease out of over 80,500 cases.

Spain comes second in global deaths with over 4,300 deaths reported out of a total 57,786 cases reported in the country.

 streets in AruaMany streets in Arua town remained with little activity on day two after after the president's directive .PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU.