ARUA CITY: The archbishop of the Church of Uganda His Grace Dr Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has urged the Christian faithful to continuously support the retired religious leaders as a reward for their selflessness during active service.

Dr Kaziimba said the church had endured a lot of challenges since the period of self-governance dating back to 1961 with the ordination of Archbishop Dr Leslie Brown as the first head.

The prelate and current head of the Anglican Communion in Uganda had paid a courtesy visit to the home of the late Archbishop Silvanus Wani to inspect a housing project at his home in Mvara, Arua city.

While meeting with Canon Suzan Wani, the widow of the late Archbishop, Dr Kaziimba said the gift of a house was a donation by some friends.

“I want to appreciate because when we were visiting all the Bishops and retired Bishops and the widows during the lockdown, this is how God touched us when we arrived here (Mvara), we went back and met our friends Dr Lule Ntake and others and we shared with them and said they want to do something and this project is the product of that visit”, Dr Kaziimba explained during a very short visit to the site at the widows’ residence near the Emmanuel cathedral.

“I am the ninth archbishop and the late Wani was the 4th Archbishop 60 years down the road, if it wasn’t for the first archbishops including archbishop Wani, I wouldn’t be here but I am in this office because they were there and now we don’t want to forget our dear ones amidst hard times, therefore I request God’s people who ever is able to help our retired ones, we shouldn’t forget the people who served us”, Dr Kazimba further reiterated.

The exact descriptions of the house whose construction was at slab level by press time were not given but onsite workers who greeted the archbishop estimated a two-month period for the house to be completed.

Eng. William Tiyo Odaa, the Arua district engineer and the supervisor of the works promised that the work will be done with utmost integrity.

“Your grace, the little resources that are coming will be put to the right use, none of the coins will be diverted for any other use and at the right time, you will come back here to commission the house, may God bless you and all your team” Eng Tiyo said in his brief comment on the project.

An emotion-filled Canon Suzan received gifts from the archbishop’s team as they sang the popular Tukutendereza Anglican anthem as locals watched in surprise and awe.

Archbishop Dr KazimbaArchbishop Dr Kazimba blesses Canon Wani before leaving (PHOTO BY RIMILIAH AMANDU)

Bishop Andaku hails Journalists for positive partnership

Bishop Charles Collins Andaku who escorted the Archbishop to the sight of the house took time off to thank journalists for their role in advancing the Church Ministry.

His comments were in line with the observance of the international world press freedom day which is marked on every 3rd May.

“I want to thank you for partnering with the church and being part and parcel of the ministry and mission, we continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen you because you are at the forefront where there are a number of challenges” Bishop Andaku said as he bid the archbishop farewell in the low-key impromptu visit.