ARUA. Ugandan opposition Democratic Party (DP) has revived Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), a popular youth affiliated pressure group that went silent for years.

The decision to revive UYD was announced by Mr Kenneth Paul Kakande, the DP National Publicity Secretary during a press conference in DP Northern Uganda Vice Chairman’s office in Arua t own mid this week.

Kakande noted that the party is slated to officially launch the new UYD and its nationwide activities on May 23, 2018 in Kampala.

“We are bringing together all young people who participated in formation of UYD, all the well wishers and those who wish to bring change in this country under the platform of UYD reunion which is going to be launched on May 23 this year,” Kakande said.

He said the young, old people, men and women have made a decision to come together to bring change in the Country.

“In pursuing this change, we are not going to look at ourselves as only the members of DP or UYD but we are going to extend the axis to involve many other political players including those in government,” said Kakande.

He noted that as DP and UYD, they are building a network of people across the country to stand up for the noble cause.

Mr Elia Alitia, the regional DP Vice Chairperson for West Nile also used the opportunity to encourage the people of Northern Uganda to embrace UYD.

“When we received news that UYD is going to go through a reunion, it brought a lot of happiness to us as leaders because for a long time especially in the Northern region of Uganda, DP has been viewed as a party full of chaos and as a party that loves to play games instead of doing serious activities,” Alitia stated.

“I want to announce to the public today that DP is not what you have been thinking of instead it is a party that embraces unity and in that spirit, our leadership has come up to bring the party together,” Alitia clarified.

He tasked UYD leadership that their move should be a serious commitment which must go beyond the reunion. Alitia also urged DP officials to widen UYD structures especially in Northern Uganda apart from only concentrating in the Central and other parts of the Country.

The UYD began as a radical and revolutionary organization advancing the cause of the historically marginalized and was built up from a network of small political discussion groups of students in higher institutions of learning.

These were later to spread out to the grassroots in form of community outreach programs that entailed meeting small groups of mainly young people in guise of soda parties because of the repressive political environment at the time.

The soda parties were community discussion groups on issues of local and national and national concern. Participants in these discussions later formalized themselves into an organized front in June 1995 that came to be known as the Uganda Young Democrats.

It was conceived out of the selfless desire of young Ugandans to correct the errors of the past and bring new inspiration into the lives of a populace characterized by shattered hopes, disenchantment and disillusionment due to socio-political developments in the country since the departure of the British colonialists.