ARUA. The family of the Late Emeritus bishop Frederick Drandua, the fallen bishop of Arua Diocese has alleged that some priests in the diocese are plotting to grab their late brother’s property.

Led by Mr Saulo Awua, Drandua’s younger brother, the family members claim that they are finding it hard to take over their late brother’s properties because of three priests who are fighting the process.

Speaking to journalists in the company of the family lawyer, Mr Jimmy Madira of Madira and Company Advocates at Hotel Arua in Arua town on Thursday, Awua identified the Priests as Fr Nakar Adiga, Fr Lazarus Ijoyi and Fr Natalino Vurra.

The said Priests are currently under suspension for alleged undermining of the administration of Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, the ordinary of Arua diocese.

During a press conference, Awua alleged that after the death of his brother in 2016, the priests spearheaded a move to start Fredrick Drandua Foundation as a charity organization in the memory of the late Bishop.

But Awua said it is the same foundation which is now being used by the priests and other members to start grabbing all the properties left behind by the Late Bishop.

He identified the targeted property as; Hotel Arua in Arua town, a commercial building at Ediofe trading centre, a residential house at Arua Hill, an incomplete house at Ewuata, a piece of land also at Ewuata in Vurra sub-county and two others at Ocoko in Arivu sub-county all in Arua district.

Others are the Late’s property at Ediofe orphanage, a semi permanent house in Baribu and a leased farm land with cattle, sheep and goats in Baribu village, Okollo sub-county in Madi Okollo district.

Awua noted that much as he obtained a letter of Administration from court to take over the said property as the blood brother of the Late Bishop, the priests and their accomplices in the foundation have continued to fight him, claiming that he fraudulently obtained the letter of administration.

“People like Fr Adiga, Fr Ijoyi, Fr Vurra and others have now gone ahead to confuse Domitila Ojoru, the caretaker administrator of Ediofe orphanage where my brother was living not to release his personal properties there including his land tittles which they are using to falsify documents to assume ownership of the properties,” Awua stated.

“As Drandua’s family, I want to state that we are not part of the foundation because its motive was not to serve the Bishop’s vision but to grab his property, divide people and fight Bishop Odoki and the Diocese he leads”, Awua added.

He instead advised the priests to go and kneel before Odoki and ask for forgiveness other than fighting for his late brother’s property.

On his part, Mr Madira warned the Priests and all their associates to stop interfering in the affairs of the late Bishop’s family lest he will take legal action against them.

“We shall consider moving to have these people prosecuted over theft of the late Bishop property if they insist on grabing any,” Madira warned.

However, when contacted on phone, Fr. Ijoyi said Awua’s allegations were merely baseless.

“We are not there to grab Drandua’s property but instead protect them from people like Awua and Odoki. I know Awua is being used by Odoki but they will not manage us”, Fr. Ijoyi said.

He added that in any case, they are also late Drandua’s brothers because they are Clerics since the Late was their own and a father in the Catholic Church.

Fr. Ijoyi clarified that they started the foundation to promote Drandua’s vision of serving the needy children of God and on top, protect his property.

“Drandua never liked Awua and before he died, he never said that his property should be handed over to him as his blood brother but to help the needy. That is why we are following up the items. Awua obtained letters of administration fraudulently and it is the reason we do not trust him at all”, Ijoyi stressed.

By the time of filing this story, we couldn’t reach Fr Adiga and Fr Vurra on phone for a comment over the allegations as their known telephone contacts could not go through.