ARUA. The two Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) competitors for presidential flag bearer, Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa and Patrick Amuriat have agreed to support each other in the event of one of them emerging as the flag bearer for the 2021 general election.

The duo was on Monday for a joint campaign in West Nile to sell themselves to the party delegates ahead of the party primary elections for presidential candidates.

“Let’s stop these small quarrels. Go into the competition, finish it and remain as brothers. It’s not worth fighting for. I told Amuriat ‘if God decides that it’s you to be our flag bearer, I will come behind him and support him so that we have a bigger fight together”, Ambassador Wasswa told delegates.

Delegates expressed gratitude over the joint campaigns the two are conducting, saying it signifies a sense of mature politics in modern era.

“In what the two politicians are doing, I have learnt political maturity, true democracy and love for one another” Mr Occur Rassul, a Member of Parliament contestant for Koboko North County said.

Explaining how they intend to shape Uganda, the duo emphasized the need to undertake massive skills training for youths in a bid to minimize unemployment and poverty that has made many of them resort to joining armed forces.

“Young people join armed forces because they have nowhere to go. There are many who have gone to universities but have never found jobs, a factor that makes them remain at home. Therefore there is a need for a massive training of our young people so that they become technologically viable to undertake ventures in industries and agriculture”, Birigwa remarked.

Meanwhile, Amuriat noted that cases of insecurity in the country continue to emerge because of the alarming poverty as a result of unemployment and weak leadership, which FDC leadership will correct once they assume the office.

“What is causing incidences of insecurity in our country are unemployment and poverty, and so the first thing that needs to be done is to address that. This involves a lot of things like industrialization of the country and introduction of cooperatives that bring wealth back to the people and once people are comfortable, they will have no reason to break into other people’s houses”, Amuriat stressed.

Maracha constituency Member of Parliament, Mr Denis Oguzu, however, called upon members of FDC to empower each other in order to make the party flourish in its endeavors.

“Being in opposition now is very challenging if you do not know what is good for you as a person and for the country. This then requires us to empower ourselves as individuals and it calls for discipline from top to the grassroots so that we re-invent FDC into its strongest capacity”, Oguzu noted.