ARUA. The first lady Ms Janet Kataaha Museveni has cautioned the youth against the increasing culture of violence which she said may destroy their future if not controlled.

This was contained in a speech read for her by the state minister for internal affairs Mr Mario Obiga Kania during the second graduation ceremony of Muni University in Arua on Friday.

“I cannot forget to ask the young people of the university and all the young people in Uganda to avoid the culture of violence that is slowly eating the moral fabric of our society” Ms Museveni said.

She continued “use the powers of critical thinking and problem solving this university has sharpened in you, look for all access for solving it, the culture of violence is dangerous because it will destroy your future”.

She called for tolerance of among Ugandans and respect of each other’s’ views.

Kania on his own observed that while the public university is established in West Nile, it is not only for the people of the region, he challenged the local residents to work like any other person to earn qualification into it on merit.

92 students graduated in the disciplines of Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Science in Information technology. This represents a 25 per cent female and 75 per cent male. The number of grandaunts is however on the increase compared to the one of last year where 77 graduated.

Dr Eric Adriko, the chancellor of the university who presided over the graduation said “you are unique and globally competitive like many of your predecessors who have been absorbed in the job market in reputable organisations like FAO”. He encouraged the students to continue with the spirit of hard work and maintaining discipline.

Chancellor 03 11 18Muni University chancellor Dr Eric Adriko hands a certificate to Mr Gerald Oola, former guild President and one of best performing students.

The vice chancellor, Prof Christine Dranzoa said the University’s promise and philosophy of techno-science has taken root.

“This is the future we all want for Uganda’s graduates, globally competitive and skilled as you are, when some of you represented Uganda in China, and Nigeria, it was a demonstration of your joint delivery. When some of you remained home to repair broken computers of the public, you all demonstrated your capabilities” She noted.

While she outlined the tremendous progress the University has made over the 5 years, she noted that the budget cuts on the university’s capital development grants had done a blow to the its physical infrastructural development.

Prof Dranzoa also lamented that it is challenging to retain staff in the Arua based University due to is distance from Kampala and lack of social amenities many would have liked.

She said the university which was established with an Act of parliament in 2013 needs sh15 billion every year for the next 20 years to achieve its desired objectives.

Enterte 03 11 18Students entertain guests during the function. PHOTO BY CLEMENT ALUMA