ARUA. The family of former Ugandan vice president Late Gen Mustafah Idris and West Nile effort for Museveni, a pressure group have renewed their support to president Yoweri Museveni led government ahead of 2021 general elections.

The family members said they are paying back for the peace ushered in by the president since they returned from exile and following what the former vice president told them to do.

Addressing journalists at the Batekaja gardens in Arua on Monday, Ms Mustafah Bako and Mr Yusuf Abale, children to the former vice president, Mukthar Yusuf and Mr Abdalah Mahmoud, a brother to the former vice president and mobiliser in West Nile effort for Museveni said they were motivated to take the decision because they don’t trust any other candidate other than president Museveni.

Ms Musa

Ms Khemisa Batekajja, 109 and an aunt to the former vice president said she would sacrifice and use all her remaining energy to campaign for president Yoweri Museveni.

“Why has president stayed longer in power than all the past presidents we have had in in this country? Its because of the good things that he has done for his people, we the elderly are now being paid monthly, something which we never thought of”, she said.

She continued “the cry of a frog does not stop a cow from drinking water” urging the president to be firm on his resolve to lead the country to greater heights.

“President Museveni was the one who brought my son (Idris) from the exile and he took good care of him until he died. Up to now, the peace we are enjoying is because of Museveni and the unity they had with my son. That is why I want to campaign and vote for him in my remaining few years but my only challenge is transport means”, she said.

Ms Khemisa B

Mr Mustafah Mukthar, a grandson to the former vice president said before his death, the former vice president entrusted them in the hands of president Museveni and urged them to support his government and all his initiatives.

The group is set to launch campaign in Gen Mustafah Idris’s ancestral home in Keri town council Koboko district when the time come is due.

Gen Mustafah Idris served as Vice President of Uganda to President Idd Amin between 1976 to 1979 when the government fell to Uganda National Liberation forces supported by Tanzania.

He ran into exile and was convinced by President Yoweri Museveni to return on 23rd March 1987. He died on 28th July 2013 and was buried at his home in Keri, Kuluba sub-county, Koboko district.

Gen. Idris is among others, credited for prevailing over the former Uganda Army forces who wanted to take up arms to fight the advancing NRA fighters into West Nile region in 1986.