ARUA. The headteacher of Green Hill nursery and primary school, a private Catholic-founded school in Katrini sub-county, Arua district Ms Molly Ceniru has resigned.

Ceniru resigned during an emergency Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) general meeting on Tuesday after disagreeing with Fr. Emmanuel Drici, the Parish Priest of Oriajini Catholic Parish over school funds.

Reports indicate that Ms Ceniru allegedly defied the orders of Fr. Drici to open a bank account for receiving funds of a project written for the members of the community under human empowerment Uganda project.

According to Fr Drici, they reached an agreement with the group members of the project in a meeting brokered by the police of Katrini sub-county to pay a fine of 10 per cent of the project value to the school which necessitated the school to open a bank account that the headteacher turned down.

Fr Emmanuel Drici 08 01 20Fr Emmanuel Drici speaks during the meeting.

He said they fined the group because the first founder of the school, Mr Philip Yandu used the name of the school for the project illegally.

“We agreed to use the school account to receive the shs22m for the project and later, pay the group members after deducting the fine. We engaged her (Ceniru) with the GISO of Katrini sub-county to hurry up with the process so that the bank account will be used to keep the school funds but she became arrogant and begun undermining me and distracting pastoral programs,” Fr Drici explained.

However, Ms Ceniru argued that she turned down the proposal to open an account to transfer the contentious project fund to the school account because the Parish Priest wanted her to open the bank account without the knowledge of the PTA and the school management committee (SMC) executives.

“When I told Fr. Drici to involve other stakeholders, he rudely told me that he is above everybody. On the appointed day to open the account, I declined to go because the school didn’t apply for any project and right now, I am unable to continue to run the school because the Parish Priest has lost trust in me by putting me under pressure since April last year,” Ms. Ceniru stated.

She added that they also got stuck to open an account for the school because one of the requirements; the registration and licensing of the school was not complete since the landlords failed to endorse documents for the land agreement.

Ms Agnes Anguparu, a parent blamed her colleagues for failing to advise the headteacher and spreading rumours that are going to affect the operation of the school which is one of the best in the sub-county.

“When we come here for meetings everybody claps and says things are okay. How come that today, we are blaming the headteacher over mismanaging school funds and assets? I don’t want to blame the Parish Priest because he is an anointed servant. The problem of opening school account would have been sorted if we were objective enough as the school parents”, Anguparu stated.

Mr. Jackson Arima, another parent urged the headteacher to reconsider her decision so that the PTA and SMC executives resolve the standoff to avoid causing problems for individuals who have been managing the school.

Mr Jimmy Asiku, an inspector of schools in Arua district appealed for calm and called upon the school management to consider recruiting a new headteacher and staff members in the few remaining days before the first term starts.