ARUA. About 20 human rights defenders have been equipped with digital security skills in the West Nile region to protect their computers and phones against cyber-attacks.

The series of training was sponsored by Internews, an international media support, nonprofit organization which operates in 100 countries around the world with headquarters in Califonia, Washington, Landon and Paris.

Among the trainees were journalists and staff of an environmental protection firm based in Adjumani district known as FOSID.

Ms Happy Ayomirwoth, the lead trainer said the tools introduced to the trainees were for the online safety of the human rights defenders and to protect their equipment against their adversaries.

“Its very important that you get accustomed to these tools so that as human rights defenders, you and all your machines are protected both online and offline. Cyber attacks these days against human rights defenders are very rampant but they find it vey difficult when you are protected”, Ayomirwoth said.

She said human right defenders are the most at risk who should be alert at all times because they never know sometimes in which form attacks against them would come.

Among the topics covered were; threat modeling/ data protection, secure communication devices and platform malware, safe browsing, password manager and two factor authentication among others.

One of the participants, Mr Geofrey Achora Junior, from Pakwach Fm expressed delight upon the training.

“I’m extremely delighted upon getting this training, there have been certain mails which I always receive and whenever I open them, they disorganize my computer and I did not know how to stop them, I wish this training was periodic so that we always get aware of trends at the time”, Achora stated.


Mr Anyama Kennedy, the team leader of FOSID, a human right organization based in Adjumani district said he would immediately apply all the knowledge and install the tools in his personal and organizational computers.


“I wish you had come earlier but non the less, I would like to appreciate what you have shared with us here, thank you for choosing FOSID, technology evolves and these are things which we have not been paying attention to yet they matter a lot”, Anyama said.